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Detecting Dark Energies and Protective Measures

This blog has been brought about because a dear friend has been harrassed and harmed for years that I have worked to clear varied ways. My friend is ready to take on the responsibility to learn to clear, protect and maintain their different energy bodies with Pure Light. Since she has memory issues; I was compelled to write it down. Note: Bad energy is less light energy. Some Shamans believe nothing is negative and bad but less light. So be it. If the energy is causing pain, conflict and harrassment; then action must be taken. However, my friend needs to know with each type of relationship of people; there has occurred these instances where I was called upon to clear.

How to detect bad energy towards you.

I have come across these experiences of bad energy. Energy can be with thought, intention and words that carry energetic or black magic. Magic is black when it is harmful to another in order to control or hurt in order to retain importance or I will show you attitude. Is is a ball of blackness that moves (like angry cloud) or black figure (These are negative thoughts taking form.) When one of my Shamans had a breakup that was nasty; I drove up for my lessons and saw a black energy ball that felt angry zipping around the outside of her house. I told her that and she knew it was her ex. He was across street talking angrily about her. It is a lack of self love and respect for your clear boundaries and others' boundaries. Do you get sick inside an area you have been before that you sense the energy is foggy or off? Sometimes I see imps sent as spies to a space troubling the pets. Sometimes the misplacement of objects from the individual will appear you got rid of. Other times things fly off your table. Not to confuse with loved ones visiting. It is a different menacing and angry feeling. Do you feel a punch in gut or queasiness? Do you feel a headache and anxiety when waking (that's when they may strike in your sleep). Are you argumentative and in a bad funk and don't know why? Well, these are things to look for. Everyone has a right to move on or voice why they are. If another is hurt by it and then recruits others with them on their angry rampage of revenge; then they truly have lost the way of a healer. Other's think one book, one incident establishes them in a title beyond the years of experience it takes to develop yourself as a healer. We must remember to have our ego and our emotions in check when we are healers to channel positively out by doing activity, meditation, exercise and breathwork and not utilize any of your Spirit given gifts in anger, revenge or pain. When you feel rejected in a very deep way; look at the times you have already told yourself that by experiences or what you interpret building on the false premise you are not loved or respected. We are all different and we must understand and accept that we all move on. That's my take on intention and always try to think about how you abuse or use healing tools or wisdom before you regret what you do to another or others. The Universe is watching and you do harm to others is harm to yourself.

You can try these if inclined to:

You can ground yourself and home or rooms and send the energy out and replace with cleansing white light. Then intentionally set that you are protected in mind body and spirit and astral ly in dreams and energetically and emotionally. This you do every night or during day. Burn sweet grass or sage and wear obsidian or Smokey quartz or put in space where you sleep to protect you. These are some ways to do this. Delete pictures of bedroom or inside home as well on social media. They can access or sometimes they have been there and know the layout of your house to seek openings to enter and place boundaries and protection elements there or call on your guardians.


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