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Didgeridoo Play to Honor All Divine 12/9/2022 by Blue Thunder

Hello My Dears;

Still in Arizona and enjoying the warmer weather compared to the South. I hear it is a soggy and wet time from the rain. I am grateful to my Family. It is my younger Brother’s 57th Birthday! I am pleased to cook him Guinness Roast Beef and veggies for his birthday tomorrow. I have a few family members coming over that have reunited over the trip. My Sister - Aunty gave me some roast beef to cook more of. It is my pleasure to cook for people I love to create unity, harmony and happiness. Life is to look for celebrations for healthy ties and repairs of relationships. You have to feel the repair and intention within you. If you so desire peace, repair, healing, forgiveness and harmony for others….why not yourself? It is not unselfish and necessary to be whole and live on this earth a quality life you create. You are the manifester of what you focus on. If you want good things to happen; then focus, plan and do it. Make mistakes with patience and correct these and adjust. We are unlimited creative beings of light in your temple of flesh. What an honor to be part of this and learn together.

I have been walking a few times at a park called “Purple Heart Park.” It is a lovely place with all the elements of activities and sports and to be with nature. It even has a dog park. As I drive to this park; there is a hawk that sits on a telephone line facing me. The hawk is the messenger of the Gods. What a good divine sign. I am blessed and as I walk; I see the desert plants and cacti. An ocean of diverse cactus that adapt to less rains at times.

As I walk; I find a spot to play my didgeridoo. I bought it to help my breathing, lungs and sinuses. I have the inner child like discovery and make different shapes and sounds and breaths to create my own musical expression. I meditate and breathe and practice warming up. I see this Vermilion Flycatcher bird which is beautiful watching me on a branch and its legends of good omen. It is one who cannot stand a liar in Hawaiian tradition. It’s nickname “bien viaje” which means in Spanish from Mexico - good journey/travel. The bird is from Oaxaca (Wah-kah) in Mexico. If it faces you; it is good luck and symbolizes energy, dexterity and nimbleness and does not give up as in Native American lore there was a flood and only 2 birds survived by its quick thinking and not giving up.

As I played my didgeridoo carefully to not disturb the dogs, the owners walked to the dog park in center field. I breathed gratitude and honor to the Ancients, Primordial tribe, the 7 directions and the sun, stars, moon and sky and the air and earth. I said the ancient words of the high ranking angels in heaven and played with animal sounds here and there. It was a beautiful sunny day and I enjoyed myself.

The roadrunner was seen on an off trail guided by Spirit to take and Archangel Michael’s at times saying this or that way directing me. It was a bird I rarely see details of its plumage and it stood there upright looking at me and revealing his crest more visibly. How beautiful and the meaning was posted and you are the one to plan your life and take the action and you are guarded from evil and ability to dissuade evil as the roadrunner has feet that has ‘x’ markings so it confuses as Native American lore to confuse enemies or evil spirits because you can’t see if the roadrunner is going forward or backward. Its feathers used to be placed in infants' cribs on certain tribes and also it was eaten or not eaten for its medicinal symbolism to certain tribes Again when almost arriving the hawk sat looking at me. I walked some more and played the didgeridoo again experimenting with my sounds and mouth formations and rhythm. It was a delight to give time to me.

This time I played and recorded my sounds to send to my children and husband who were not with me

during this family visit. I had bees come to my didgeridoo as they were drawn to the sounds I made. I

guess my didgeridoo did make bee sounds to them. I don’t know what it interpreted to them and they sat

on my didgeridoo. The bee is the symbol of hardwork and abundance by calling in abundance to you and

taking the action with a well thought out plan and not procrastination which leads to nothing. The bee

also gives us the meaning that you trust in miracles…you deserve all that is good for you if you so believe

it. It also means that it shows up for those who wish us to co-create peace and love within and with each

other and all beings. I would wait and stop and allow the bees to settle and stop playing and move gently

away not whacking at the bees, a symbol of royalty as well in Egypt. Anyway, this royal messenger was

respected and appreciated as I again honored all that I mentioned above in gratitude and honor with my

didgeridoo. As I then walked the park; there was a large grasshopper which means growth again like a few

weeks ago upon my arrival and at the spa when I finished my massage. It taught me that the insect

kingdom can speak to each other in divine understanding and that the bees shared my music message. I

told the grasshopper mentally that I do not know what I was communicating but I wanted to play my

music. The grasshopper acknowledged what I did not know and admitted but they understood I meant

well in the healing vibrations. It didn’t move or jump away and even when I coughed a little from allergies;

it did not leave. As I walked one more round on the way to exit the park; the Vermilion Flycatcher

appeared …3 of them in the trees as the 3 is the Trinity and Christlike energy of compassion and divinity. It

was a blessing to witness and receive messages and a day of blessings. Now back to pot roasts for my

Brother’s birthday and family gathering. I hope you enjoyed my spiritual sharing and messages and

always look for the signs without urgency and relaxation. Use meditation and stillness and breath to allow

yourself to relax and receive and understand it will be given in divine timing. Namaste and thank you for

being here.


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