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Discernment when Joining Groups or Circles

When you join a group or circle; make sure you understand what their mission is. Who are the admins and thier profiles, if any. If you know them and take in their track record in service. See the posts and activities over time if you can. Don't walk into a space or circle without checking out the publications or posts to see if they are on the focus of what they claim to the purpose of the circle or group. Know the facilitator. You can decide whether you attend or not. If you feel comfortable with the alignment of their purpose and the members and admin; then you attend an event as observer if allowed. If the admin doesn't feel comfortable with that; that may be a redirection for you or their own prerogative. When you go to a circle or group; know in your mind...even if you've done healing for years to take your leadership hat off because you are a participant/attendee with the communication that you are merely observing if allowed. You know the saying "Too many chefs/chiefs; kill the broth/"

Make sure you are comfortable. You must have your boundaries and voice them calmly voice these and stick to them. If you come to the circle to do something in their activities; please honor. You may leave or stay with this group over time as you grow. Remember not to interfere if not lethal with the facilitator or leader. Be the quiet observer and understand how this circle or group works. Respect is needed from you and the admin and group/circle. If you like the activities; keep going. If you have questions; ask the admin or prominent members (longstanding) questions. There is no growth without question. There is no growth without redirection. Nothing is forever but enjoy the journey of discovery and self growth. Peace to you.

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