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Domestic Violence Stems from Karma

Hello All Beloveds;

I hope all is well in your world. I had wanted to write about domestic violence. We often have publicized and accepted domestic violence against women, elderly, against children, animals and the last of all no thought is given to a man.

We have been programmed that men would be ridiculed by being hit by a girl. Lines like ‘fight like a girl’ and ‘boys don’t cry’ are ludicrous. Why are men held high only on what they do, who they kill in war, how much money and how high the ladder of the corporate world you get & the team score and win? Why are men limited by ancestral programming and patriarchal systems to perform is the manly thing to do. To shut off emotions is the manly thing to do. To wear blue, to not dance, to not love to cook or paint or do art? Men don’t sew or design or crotchet unless they are gay. Why do we only have a skewed idea what a man’s performance and skill set have to be. Men have to be strong, good fighters, protect and serve. That sounds like a soldier or a knight. Men have other roles in life and sometimes push these aside because their fellow programmed men sometimes in power roles tell them so and they follow what is a good man. When we don’t fit into those categories; we are made ashamed or ridiculed and even violently treated til the ‘man up’ and do the manly right thing.