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Dream Dancing through Life with Lakota Medicine Woman 8/14/2005

My dream today was consisting of putting on a show of dance with 4 children of different shape and sizes. It was near the end of the show, someone put on the music before we could position ourselves to start on time. I had to quickly train the kids to sway and move to the rhythm in simplistic/basic form and then I would dance with them and around them and we would circle holding hands.

After that I was told by the director to stop the music and play again. He questioned me but I was certain that this should be doe so everyone would see the performance adequately and everyone was respected and had the certainty to perform at the right time.

We danced with joy then I saw myself with my family in a far off land with old bricks of sandstone of like the Taj Mahal because there were Indian people there I was to perform for the audience but I had some planning to do and my husband was taking a video of me holding a camera.

I had time between performances but decided to take a break and go for a drive to see my Lakota Medicine Woman Shaman in this dream and she was in her apartment of white walls and she was younger (30ish) wearing a light blue baby powder crocheted poncho like when I was a child in the 1960s and she had shoulder length layered hair very blonde. She was calm and I was asking her some tips of encouragement. She turned away to put on some mascara and eye line and necklace with black on. She looked lovely and had eyes of certainty. She was ready to go and lead me since I had been riding on my motorcycle and seeing signs but lost my way and wanted her help to lead me back to the performance.

She said she would drive her white car and I would follow her. I saw signs going opposite direction in between but there were lovely Malls around and new roads that confused me that she knew the way to the performance.

Then I arrive and it is time between and there is a man caring for a dolphin and the pool is dark with no lights. I tell him that is is dark and uncertain so the dolphin is not active and he says it is sick. See she gives him Titanium (strength and indestructible) medicine/mineral) by cutting into a side of it. It is feeling better and he moves the dolphin to a better pool with lights for it to recuperate fully. I tell him: "The dolphin is stronger and you can set it free into the ocean but will he survive being back in the wild?" I ask him. However, it is known that it will no doubt at all.

I see a woman who is attracted to him and she stands by the sunny poolside to admire him respectfully and then approaches him about how far she will go by just kissing him light on the lips. It reflects how in the dark I was in the past without movement but now the light embraces me and more evolvement is so ready to happen with Spirit holding my hand as I am protected by the "titanium" and after completing this cycle of my life then I will move into the free state of mind working what Spirit has intended.

I return and am back to the performance and dance and leave to get the music box near the entry way which is large sandstone outside walkway leading to the "auditorium" again and music is playing. I dance around an imaginary hat dance and I am free and very expressive even though I am away from and hugs form the children who performed initially at another location in the beginning of the dream. Also reflects temptation of affairs that I quickly diminish by the deaths of the kittens which means affairs are not my focus or priority in life. My good work and willingness to do good in what I am gifted by good is important to me and so is loyalty and I am thoroughly protected by the friendly dogs and my social extension of friends and contacts will expand and it is not too long that this will happen. It is like it's "right next door."


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