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Dream Journal during Flower Moon May 2024

Whoa these dreams from the Flower Moon. I dreamed I was removing black ear wax symbol of removing negative patterns and thoughts easily and help unknown orphans about an injustice as an angel called on a phone in the main office tell codes to fill a complaint form out and fax evidence for the children. I didn't see them but felt them. I was observing and waiting for the submission to be faxed but no one was doing it; so I did it and they office personnel wasn't there and they discovered what I did as the last page was transmitted. My angels are whispering the light codes in my ears. The Galactic White Knights are present now and with swords and coated with metal that is armor and body fighting to easily move and their shields with black roses and double swords to remove and deter the negativity lately.

Then I had a dream where I was with a taxi driving company who transported elite folks everywhere and I was part of the clientele. I was driven to a home with a huge castle brick wall but couldn't get in and I heard a betrayer's name and I scaled the wall so high with ease at the top. The journey down would require I fall many feet hurting my feet and legs on impact as there were no places with soft landings. After that; I saw the gate open and there were people who were Indian and they moved their index and middle fingers side by side and towards each other's fingertips. This group looked at me dressed in light blue...ascended beings...then they kept the fingers horizontal pointing tips to each other and the dragonfly formed in blue from their fingers touching from each person. What a blessing. Going through some alterations of value towards what people mean and looking more within and sometimes we place too much thought on what we think others are doing when they mean nothing at all to them as well as you. Meditation is the key. Obstacles of the mind are the illusion and these will be removed with the thought that resolve with flow and ease. There may be nothing there as the obstacle; only our old assumptions and thought patterns we developed as coping mechanisms or ancestral, community, and archaic systems we adhere to as reality. Thanks for the reality check Universe and Dragonfly and the White Light Ascended Tribe. Why make life hard when it can be 'light' as the dragon fly is the symbol of the power of light and blue peace and healing transformation. Thank you Universe and Flower Moon. Peace.


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