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Dream of our Real Estate Venture 1/16/2006

My dream started out in a solid white concrete building and that had offices and shops in there. We had 2 level/duplex. A Lady called and wanted to purchase this and I told my husband that I don't think she is buying it with the intent she says she is. He said, "What does it matter? As long as she buys it and gets it off our hands."

Then I saw Golden Happy Buddha in a glass case with other Sacred relics in red jade and gold and some in green jade and gold.

I then saw baby Jesus doll in white robe with pontiff symbol and then the Buddha walked toward the baby Jesus and he was golden and a moving statue. He held an ancient sacred book and in his left and was behind baby Jesus. He raised his right hand up and a golden beam came out as he looked at the book and was sent to the raided hand into Jesus. He walked and a golden horse statute went into another room and the statue followed in a white house.

I was worried about the baby Jesus and he went into another room where there was clear clean water flowing from the other room into ours like a stream. I was concerned and rescued baby Jesus. He had old white socks on of ours and then I saw they were wet so Jesus removed them. There were socks his size he found and he put them on.

My mother came in the room as the water was flowing into and I was looking for baby Jesus. The lady with red hair is my Spirit Guide and was confessing that the real reason she was buying the shop and I couldn't hear her revelation but anyway I wanted to tell my husband but he didn't seem bothered about the truth and details I had knew all along. He just wanted the job done/sale done. What a dream.

Thank you God/Goddess/Jesus/Buddha and all loving light.


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