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Dream with Lots of Flying Growth and Adventure 7/24/2004

Dear Ones;

Dreams tell us what we are truly feeling and our selective behaviors and about what we think about life and others who are engaged or not engaged with us. They are confirmations and they can have the opposite feeling of the scene in the dream. Sometimes, they are messages from others but need their expression or their curiosity to drop in the middle of your dream to say hello or address their issue you are invited or involved in with them at the same time you are receiving messages from the Great Spirit.

Dream stated in a Islamic community and country far away and it was a huge celebration. We arrived as a family and my mother-in-law too! She visits when she gets bored of her surroundings...haha. It became so crowded we became separated from each other. I from my kids and husband that is.

I decided to walk around and explore and was walking down a hallway and decide to fly thinking the 2 people behind me may mind but didn't mind them and continued. I heard them amazed. A little girl was amazed but I saw her as no threat. She was told the community about me flying and was accused of being a witch (what's new). I as put into blue robes and tied to a tree with metal pointed arrow things and I couldn't make my hands close or into fists to protect myself. I was tied so tightly while mean and the crowd jeered and kissed me on the face which is highly disrespectful in the Islamic society for men to do that to a woman especially in public.

I blanked out and as night grew; I somehow maneuvered out of my binding spiritually (Challenges, darkness into light lessons) and my body flew across many lands and saw what seemed to be China and learned their language and foods, customs, martial arts, and landed in a crowded city where I was on this old boat where a man was making hot dogs. I only had sparse money with me and got one for 5 (number for growth) cents and he kept giving me these while I worked at this boat swabbing decks (my grandpa was a navy man and taught me this in real time to mop this way) and working on board with men. I acquired this job on the boat with men as a man given bulky clothing so no one could suspect I was a woman.

Then a lady nurse was there a short period of time and discovered I was a woman when I got sick and protected me by finding ways to have me work close to her and get me to a port in the U.S.A to journey home. I landed on-land and took on odd jobs, travelled by greyhound bus and kept going living on meager amounts of food as crackers and water. I lost lots of weight and found a place that had paid showers and cleaned up and I got to Kensington Marta station in Decatur, Georgia. I called my husband on the cell phone. He kept talking to me and told him about losing them and being gone for 6 to 8 months and that I had been gone 6 to 8 months and that I had been working to get back to them but did they want me back? He picked me up as soon as I got home; I had my head shaved (release) and there were nits in my hair release and my husband bought Rid to get them out. I guess mentally I put alot of obstacles of growth with conditions if I revealed my gifts to my marriage and family at risk but there's none. It took two washes and of mental cleansing and healing after he shaved my head.

Then I discovered my parasites from my journey in my body and needed to release and take these out. He purchased this natural parasite killer and took several days to remove these and they fell out dead in the shower as I washed off. I was seen by a doctor to (assist me) and tell me to rest a couple of months.

I began to gain strength and my skin was healing on me as well. My face was cleaned with a clay mask to take out impurities and blemishes issues of past again in my appearance in keeping my gifts to myself. I saw myself becoming well.

My children came to me and we shared tears and experiences during my absence. My daughter was a shapely woman and son as an older young man. He drove and got adulting done as well as his sister and washed their own laundry between their extracurricular activities like band practice, etc. I saw they had grown from my absence.

My husband learned to be less bother about his children's responsibilities and not let things bother him and it was a great dream of growth for all of us. I was great for me to see that my prayers were being answered and my worries were lessened from my children's responsible choices and actions in maturity.

Coincidentally, Kensington was the name of a place in London, England where I volunteered to gain more understanding of my Islamic faith and spiritual journey and landed and returned back to U.S.A. This is a place where I saw our religious leader many times more than others viewed him because he travelled more to our 3rd world countries to develop and oversee development from our religious funding. It was a dream to release any blockages in my body and mind to move higher up the ladder of soul progression in the most gentle way through Spirit.


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