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Due to the Coronavirus - Services are Temporarily Paused

Dear Ones;

Your health and well-being is important to me. I will cease services and session temporarily until the Coronavirus is ceased. Once, all is in the peaceful and resolved mode with you all on a global and local level; this shall resume.

I have posted on Facebook tips to try to reconnect online different ways of community involvement and possible solutions. I am not a mother hen who needs to monitor your every move, mistake, growth and evolvement in this matter. It is time for stepping aside and seeing

how you can be focused, fearless in this transformation, be real, vulnerable, creative and most importantly really show the unity and community has no barriers.

Healium has been a place of haven, safety, creativity, growth, along with pain, tears, anger and community and individual growths through many stages of growth in itself. I have learned that to empower the people; you step aside after a few years of tools and not interfere in the people's choices to mend, to be cohesive, be forgiving, gain knowledge and unity and understand we are all in this together. That we learn compassion is more important and and health at this time then money. I pray we all understand the hunkering down we do is not to punish but to re-investigate the flaws created with the illusion that we cannot be affected because we haven't been. This is a test of humanity. No violence please, no panic

and no fear and just take care of each other in kindness and the most connected way without

physical contact. Take care of yourselves and be kind with common sense in organizing and finding solutions that benefit all. Peace and much love. Signing off!


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