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Empathically Understanding Rape', Mushrooms and Frog Medicine (Glimpse of one of many possibilities)

Dear Ones;

This is a self journey of exploration to get a glimpse of plant & animal medicine is willing to teach me via empathic experiences and glimpses of the rape’, mushrooms and frog medicine. I was fortunate,

I had a friend who went to a plant medicine ceremony and readily volunteered. I would learn from him being the host of this plant and animal medicine by sitting or touching him respectfully and with permission..

Upon arriving; I did a drumming in all directions and to thank him for being the carrier of the plant medicine I wanted to understand empathically. It was a large group of people and I am not comfortable with groups of strangers. If this were a Shamanic group I had studied and we grew together without trust issues or getting to know each other over time would comfort me first.

The other step I need is not to have strangers. I prefer one on one. I have learned that way.

But anyway, it was a blessing that I requested this and he (carrier) allowed this.

I have asked a few plant medicine folks to give me a sample I can hold and research and teach me about by communication of the purpose, where it came from, what and why the form and how administered and how long the duration and side effects or affects of the natural medicine to be aware of in sacred space. They have refused or were unable to do that. Perhaps of liability or the transport of delivery of the plant/animal medicine would alter it’s form or the thought of

Incorrect dosage to administer if I changed my mind to do it on myself. This I would not do. Everyone has to protect themselves and their clients in this situation.

As we sat in the woods; the carrier and familiar friend sat across from me. He told me how they administered and basic setting and no details of address or names of healers. He had experienced rape’ and I touched his hand and it was an opening but not much affect.

I then held his hand for the frog medicine; it was like a heart opening experience. Mind you I felt this from the carrier but it may be the same experience of his own that I picked up on. Then Spirit told me that you work with Frog medicine in your sound and they come to you so it is nothing new about death of the old you, birth of the new in many journeys of Shamanism.

Then Spirit said, “Take his hand again and I felt the brain and heard the word synapses being said to me.” I held his right hand and it merged with my hand as the medicine flowed into me. I could see with my mind and 3rd eye the lights in the brain parts called neurotransmitters and synapses that are lit up with the chemical psylocibin's effect and it traveled down the nerves down the neck, shoulder and arms and heart where he had the heart opening effect. It felt so much like my encounters of joy with the fairies and elementals in pure lights. I could see the fairies and thank them for their presence and laughed. It was such a joy filled experience or glimpse to understanding. We laughed together as I expressed to the Carrier what I was feeling and seeing. Lovely.

At some points; I remember mushroom intentions of healing a few weeks after my Mother’s death. There was the feeling of all the elements and the tree speaking to me and pulling my grief out of my body. I could see the energy of this grief being surfaced and leaving and the Elements bathing me and supporting me. It was a tearful but cleansing experience of calming and cleansing.

This was my own introduction of the healing that could occur, possibly not the exact same effect but the feeling and connection possibility for myself. It is determined by your frame of mind, intention and grounding as the carrier told me, which I emphasize so much grounding and maintaining your sacred space preserved if in a group of strangers and to experience this learning individually but not alone. It was an enlightening day of starting to understand or for more understanding.

I hope you enjoyed my empathic experiences and thanked the carrier who thanked me and the facilitator and the healers and group he had done this with. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and I will continue to learn each time with clarity.

As I left the carrier of the medicine; we hugged and at meeting felt the heart opening but wanted to give him space to recover and rest and gather himself for his work to sacred self, releases, and opening up to the new self in his journey of love of self, love and flow of the plant/animal medicine and gratitude that he wasn’t alone in this journey. The pictures of the mushrooms or frog are not the accurate reflection of the medicine utilized and only used as a visual. Thank you and Namaste.


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