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Encounters with Angels

Dear Beloveds;

We are Heavenly Angels on Earth to assist in healing and understanding our Divinity. As a child; I have had encounters with Angels.

My Dad was in the military and it was not uncommon to travel to the next State to relocate on in base housing. We were on a road winding around a mountain. It was getting dark and a driver from opposite direction was coming towards and into our lane. My Dad swerved and part of the back tire was off the edge of a cliff. I was about 5 years old and my brothers asleep during this whole time again. My Mother was in the passenger seat as my Dad got out to lift the tire a bit. He was a strong man but he tried and tried.

An Angel spoke to me to move very slowly most of the boxes from the back of the vehicle to the front and ask the dog to move up front and so I did so. My Mother was upset telling me to sit still and what was I doing? I told her calmly that I am moving heavy things to lighten the load to the front. My Dad was getting alarmed about this situation since no one was there to help him at night. He has this look of despair and looked at my Mother's eyes.

Suddenly, an Angel said, "Tell him to try again!" I told my Dad that to just ask the Angels and they will help. Try again." My Dad looked at me and my Mother. He would try again and then the car was lifted higher up onto the road completely. He was bewildered as he looked at my Mom and she looked at him and then me. I would get this look at different occasions. I then said, "See Dad all you had to do was ask the Angels." He then drove off without sharing this with anyone ever.

At one point, now in middle school; it had snowed miraculously i April in Arizona. People didn't know how to act with snow and ice. I was walking up the stairs to my middle school and an Angel told me to duck right now! A young boy had picked up a block of ice and was to clobber my head with it. Instead, it hit the Vice Principal square on the back ahead of me. He was paddled doubt.

Another time I was crossing the street but was too late and a friend shouted just to come on. A car was coming at me. I was instructed by the Angel to stand in the dividing line of the cross walk and just at a certain position. The driver closed his eyes and his car swiped the side of my hip and thigh without impact and just spun me back into the position I was going. My friend asked me how I did that. I couldn't share that information. Another time I was balancing on an old clothes line pole that had not been discarded yet at a friend's house that replaced it with a new pole. The Angels tested my trust and listening; they told me the specific details of what was going to happen like the crosswalk incident. They said you will flip and somersault in mid air so tuck into yourself and then you will land on the pole on the ground. I landed without falling firmly on the metal pole I was balancing on. My friend's asked me how that happened? I couldn't tell them.

Later I was in a car accident; that an Angel held me firmly from the impact of the steering wheel and windshield and gently placed me back on the seat as if the arms held my back firm and my front of body and face was shielded.

When my daughter was scared as she learned about her healing abilities; she had a nightmare and cried for me. I went to her and carried her to my bed and put her beside me. She cried very hard. I assured her and kissed her that she would be all right and it was a recurring dream. I told her to listen and not be afraid because your Angels are with you. At that point, she quieted and to my own surprise there were wings fluttering around the room to be heard by me and her! I didn't expect it. I was glad and smiled at her telling her she had powerful Angels and to call upon them. She slept in my bed between me and my Beloved (her Dad). I then began to explain her abilities and how to work with them.

At certain times, Angels used to come and tell me at healing services on others what they would help me with and the purpose due to the person's situation or lesson. Sometimes they would assist in understanding the Universal Life Lessons to convey on Earth as you have seen some ...Haniel, Gabriel, Micheal and so forth. We have the access to pure light tools if we are designed to be in service of our Creator in pure light. Anything is possible and am humbly blessed to share some potential of Lightwork. I then began to study by Doreen Virtue and my research the Angelic Kingdom and a meditations to the realms helped me understand and work with a few Angelic Pure Lighted Ones. I hope you enjoy your connection to your own Angels by thanking them for their support, protection and guidance. They are pretty much no nonsense. They are not like your Spirit Guides who have been incarnated on Earth and have some emotional or strong opinions that you must decipher from the Spirit Guide is the information part of the situation you are dealing with or opinions from experiences of their own lives with or without you. This is another subject my Loves. Much Much Love.


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