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Ethiopian Batata Champs GF/DF/EFEthiopian Fish Batata Champs GF/DF/EF by Donna/Blue ThunderTumblr:

Ethiopian Fish Batata Champs GF/DF/EF by Donna/Blue Thunder

Tumblr: allergyfreechef.tumblr or bluethunder63.tumblr or on

2-3 lbs. filet of fish

2 Tablespoons Ethiopian spice berbare

2-3 teaspoons granulated garlic

Sea salt or Himalayan pink salt and pepper to taste

2 large baking potatoes - boiled then mashed

½ cup Fonio Grain - West African cooks like couscou (5 minutes)

½ chopped medium onion diced

Gluten free Udi’s hamburger buns

Salad mix

1 teaspoon Pani Puri green chili sauce

1-2 Tablespoons Veganiase


Vegenaise (mayo vegan) 1-2 Tablespoon and add Indian condiment pani puri sauce 1 teaspoon and mis. Set aside.

Batata Champs is East African Indian made with eggs and bread crumbs and ground beef with Indian spices but this is my concoction.

Scrape fish ‘meat’ off if on a skinned filet. You can use a knife but it should scrape off and chop in small pieces. Marinate the fish with garlic, berbare and bit of sea salt. Chop onions and set side.

Boil water to cook potatoes cut into quarters unpeeled. When a fork goes through potato; then is done & ready to run cool water and cool. Then the peelings come off easily. Mash then set aside.

Take 1 cup water to boil for fonio gluten free grain. Add ½ cup and cooks mixing constantly for 5 minutes. Set aside as it will thicken and cool.

Take the fish and mix in onions, mashed peeled potatoes and fonio. You can add more Berbare spice powder maybe one more Tablespoon if you prefer that heat and warming.

Take fry pan and put olive oil.(Normally, with meat you can fry or put in oven.). Do not bake this fish. Heat frying pan and make into hamburger size patties. Add 2-4 at a time to cook 2-3 minutes each side. You can toast the bun or not. Add the condiment and the fish patty with salad. There you have a quick meal or serve with salad mix and eat fish patties on own.

Makes 8 - 9 patties.


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