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Ethiopian Vegetarian Dinner by AllergyFreeChef.tumblr/Blue Thunder

Vegetarian Ethiopian Dinner

Review the Fonio Ethiopian Fish Stew Recipe for gluten free grains from the previous recipe (sort of a fonio pilaf)

Set this aside.

2 large tomatoes diced

1 large onion (red or white/yellow) diced

1 chayote (squash shaped like a pear) diced

One can of coconut unsweetened milk

Ethiopian Berbare powder ground cumin

turmeric powder ground

granulated garlic

ground ginger

Vegetable Broth

Apple cider vinegar

collard greens

1 butternut squash chopped and seeded (ready to boil and blend into puree)

chopped kale

Lemon juice to taste

Sea salt


2 Tablespoons Olive oil in fry pan

2 Tablespoons granulated garlic powder

2 to 3 teaspoons cumin powder

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

Sea salt to taste

½ cup vegetable broth

½ cup coconut milk unsweetened

¼ ancho chili or chili powder (ancho doesn’t bite)

2 cups collard greens chopped

Add spices to oil and collards to saute’. Then add the vegetable broth and coconut milk. Cook til tender and set aside.


2 Tablespoons of olive oil

2 teaspoons granulated garlic powder

2 Tablespoons bbq dry rub

2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar

2 to 3 cups kale chopped

Saute’ spices with kale and add apple cider vinegar. Once cooked til tender; then set aside.


1 to 2 cups lentils (soak in boiled hot water about 6 cups for 20 minutes - quick hint.)

½ cup diced onions

½ cup diced tomatoes

2 Tablespoon olive oil

2 Tablespoons Ethiopian Berbare powder

2 Tablespoons garlic granulated powder

2 to 4 Tablespoons lemon juice to taste

2 Tablespoons tomato sauce

2 Tablespoons coconut milk unsweetened

1 cup vegetable broth

Sea salt to taste

Drain the lentils after soaking. Saute’ in olive oil, onions, tomatoes and spices. Then add the coconut milk and tomato sauce with vegetable broth. Add the lemon juice and cook down on medium stock pot til thickened. Set aside.

Squash stew:

1 butternut squash (cut and boiled til tender)

2 Tablespoons olive oil

2 Tablespoons granulated garlic

2 Tablespoons Ethiopian Berbare ground spice

2 teaspoons ginger ground

½ cup tomatoes diced

1 chayote diced

½ cup onions chopped

2 Tablespoons tomato sauce

½ cup coconut milk unsweetened

2 to 3 ground cumin

2 to 3 Tablespoons lemon juice

2 teaspoons ancho chili or chili powder optional

Sea salt to taste

Take the butternut squash once boiled, drained and cooled. Take blender and add the vegetable broth or 1 to 2 cups water in the blender and blend til pureed. Set aside.

Saute’ in stew pot the onions, tomatoes and chayote in olive oil. Add the garlic, cumin and ginger with Ethiopian Berbare powder. Add the vegetable broth, coconut milk and tomato sauce and add lemon and sea salt to taste. Heat medium heat to reduced and thickened.

Serve on fonio the Squash Stew. Serve with collards, kale and the lentils each on the side surround the fonio and squash stew. If you don’t want fonio; get the fermented buckwheat bread - injera in the Middle Eastern or Ethiopian store. If you are allergic to mold; you don’t want the fermented injera and use rice or fonio. Enjoy.


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