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Evolving with the Hermit Crab Wisdom of Light

My Dear Nature Lovers;

I hope you are enjoying nature lately. The Hermit Crab made its medicine known to me. It is interpreted to go inward and be ‘at home’ with yourself…your own Divinity and Inner Light. As I read the “Emerald Tablets by Thoth (compendium by Dr. Bill Carson)…I am inspired and wish to evolve even more.

We are meant to evolve but not at the same speed, same way and time. We come from different backgrounds yet we are a Light form the Great Light Flame that fuels our spirit, feeds our minds and inspires us to move in positive movement forward. Positive movement forward is not a direction but more an expansion of your own divine light within to burn brighter than before. It is a world that surely evolves and there is a chaos to sort from those in the Dark and those in the Light. I cannot tell you which you are as in duality we have both in us or we would not be imperfect beings of high potential.

We find that my lesson of the Hermit Crab teaches some are very spiritual on our path but keep to themselves. It is a wisdom of keeping silent and pensive and purely focused on a simple task such as stretching and yoga is a oneness that needs to be achieved. It is not a person with the loudest voice or the most technology or machines or weapons; it is a person who honors themselves and their space and that person is usually sought out innocently from others and their own curiosity. The frequency is a silent vibration to the ears that is so minute that we do not humanly hear it but like an OM humming or a golden fan or crown chakra feel from this person. It is the ‘Christlike’ feeling of all embracing and compassionate understanding that attracts us to this energy this temple of flesh embodies. We are called by our own divinity to be drawn to one of grace, compassion and light to be near to. Sometimes, nothing is proven with this frequency. No conversation is needed and we sit near each other. There is such a man at the gym…he is quiet but focused on his yoga and draws much attention. He is a peaceful being that exudes Christlike compassion whether he is of the faith or not but the Ascended Masters of Jesus and Kuan Yin are felt strongly. It is not a gender but more a warmth and loving embrace without even touching each other. 

This type of person draws people to converse with them and they are at ease in their existence and simply smile and acknowledge you and continue their focus on their being and task at the moment. It is a pensive and focused love of being present. Presence is a funny thing. We are not present for others to acknowledge; we are present at this stage to be happy and content knowing we do not know everything and yet we are here to be a potential of light expansion of wisdom.

The Hermit Crab medicine is going inward into the answers of the Creator by being silent, present and open. Being at home with who you are imperfect but powerful without ego. It is ego that is absent or less of it and more love and light we see of their being. We too have this in different spectrums. We learn and evolve differently but gain a lot with silence like the Hermit Crab.

However, the duality of the Hermit Crab is disappointment with the spiritual knowledge and divisiveness with judgment. This is thinking no one understands them and bitter keeping to themselves what is meant to be shared when someone strikes up a conversation. You don’t need to shout out the light potential lessons but be asked and in simplicity learn what truth really is…it is a certainty that feels right at the moment in time without the influences of limitations from our government, schools, religious or spiritual education. I have many who think they are advanced and need no more knowledge and that when they meet someone like me who gains information by research, reading and lessons along with the openness to vast information in divine timing by trusting the light wisdom comes and continues to come and helps us all to evolve is the mystery. The mystery is no longer that those who are a certain spirituality, religion, gender or race need categories but it is an all embracing thought to share. When we share; we inspire others of different spectrums of wisdom. That is why I like telling stories and channel a being Pure Light to help give concepts or concrete bits of wisdom useful to apply to your experience of your own light potential. My experience is not the same as yours but it is the faith that we all are going to end up where we started before going through the Void and into the Temple of Flesh. 

The Hermit Crab medicine teaches both limitations with spirituality and light wisdom that stops your growth and also can teach when in balance with the power animal or medicine healer that we need to go inward to expand outward. I hope you enjoyed this reading and have a wonderful day and keep being open to Expansion in the Light and be the Light of your Own Lamp glowing brighter than your old light before you. You had to be an idea, then a spark and then a flame. The Flame of Wisdom shines brightly to guide you back to your Sacred Flame of Wisdom and Power Within. May you find purpose in your Being and Presence in Your Path of Light. Have a great day Light Keeper and keep growing. Namaste, Peace to you and Much Loving Light Hugs.

Blue Thunder

Picture from Freepik by photographer kuritafsheen77


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