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Experiences with Other Life Forms

Dear Ones;

We are never alone. My advise to anyone interested in other life forms from other dimensions or planets; address the issues with yourself and your planet first. Please do not use it as escapism of the challenges in this world.

I remember as a young child; my father was fascinated with other life forms on the television whenever the documentaries were of experiences of these from visitations or how our technology compared to some ancient civilizations didn't have the accuracy or depth that our modern day technology has now. Their advancement of understanding the constellations, phases of the sun and moon and the astrological signs and mythological Deities and stories used to explain life and death and the journey and how developments occurred in society even astounding us today. The Ancient and Indigenous people can teach us a lot about the other life forms as most of the time the other life forms like to visit in remote areas If they are not performing from fear or to make money.

I remember we lived in a rough neighborhood. There were gangs, drug dealers, pimps and other crooked cops and bums coming in from the railroad cars that passed through the end of the street. It was the time of my life I was the most unhappiest and felt unloved and wanted to escape this world from the abuse of a family adult friend and my parents doubted my story. The dogs would bark incessantly some nights and I could hear beings running at full speed. As long as I heard the dogs; I knew some being couldn't run that fast on a consistent basis for hours and then looked up to see spaceships in a triangle formation. They would interchange their space (3 ships) in the sky and that meant they were coming to earth.

I kept seeing these ships change formation but maintain the triangle shape for consecutive nights. Then I heard the dogs a few nights and then I felt my mind was hearing but I was unable to move. We had these old windows that handles turned. I saw them moving to open and I couldn't move or speak. There were the 3 beings was a leader and 2 others field scientists and they were short and small and had big heads and big eyes. They wore no clothing yet I felt my body being lifted gently out the window towards the ship. I blacked out but I could tell the accessed my emotions in my head like memories were files and they flipped through them. I was so sad at this period of life and the emotion was too much especially for the scientists to feel it. The leader must've told them since I am too intense; to take me back. As they gently placed my body back on my bed; one scientist asked the commander if they could take me with them out of pity! The commander said, "No, she will not survive where we are going." Then the window closed shut and they left in a few seconds with the 3 ships changing positions and leaving.

There was no fascination in this experience. Then I remember after having my children and before that being tracked or monitored as large stars in the sky seemed to follow at a safe distance. I didn't say anything to my Beloved. Then when I had children; I remember a higher rank was in a suit similar to the Egyptian Pharaoh & very tall and headdress which you could call a protective spacesuit that reflected a mirror of the scenery in back of it so it looked invisible. He was observing me and my children at breakfast time. Then I saw it move as my van was gray and the tree limbs reached out and saw the silhouette of the same suit. It was my journey into healing and Shamanism soon. We had a beagle at that time and I knew there was a visitation coming as he would be scared to sleep alone that night and kept barking and I saw a silhouette through window as the sunset and it moved in seconds out of the way.

After Shamanic healings, the spaceship would be able to communicate to me to take me from the sky. I said, "Cosmic Law...No." It was honored as they became fascinated with my journeying and study of crystals. I learned the crystals can power certain ships since ancient times. Telepathy was common with them but after a period of time the mental capacity increased more than the physical capacity and emotions. They would jump on my roof at certain healings and couldn't figure our the door knobs and at times measured with invisible devises laser-like that measure the energy between me and a crystal, clothing or totem and myself. They knew I didn't desire to travel up to them.

There are also those that are half-breeds.The odd ones that cannot process emotions or boundaries of others and scientific interest and fascination is laser focused on you. You have to go with your gut on this and not be friends with those if this mind frame. Some don't move normally or dress normally. I know this is way out for some and at times they were quite interested in my son alot as he was so into computers and technology as a young boy. I would refuse the request to take him under "Cosmic Law."

People think that they are not here but they've been here and gone and some have stayed as some friends in Coast Guard have seen some come out of the water and go back in. I had a friend who lived in Puerto Rico and at some point used to watch the spaceships go down into the ocean coming in and out. I have had Native American Elder tell me the cigar shaped ship came to him and implanted something in his finger. Some Shamans I learned from said in the Peruvian jungles the Shaman's had these ships go in and out. It seemed to be something they preferred not to share with those who just weren't just fascinated and not use discernment. Not all highly intelligent life is compassionate and some are. Hopefully, one day we will understand to learn from each other when the time comes instead of destroy or harm each other because of our different worlds. We are humans & take note and know if we don't work on ourselves first and each human to human, animal to animal, plant to plant then how can we get along with other life forms and be able to learn whose capable of being unified instead of taking other life forms to dominate or assume things they have not experienced.

At times, I had moved feeling their presence in the skies and asked a woman who know how to take the tracking or monitoring device out if she was good at confirming my request to investigate. We made an appointment and mysteriously her new car wouldn't start for 45 minutes. I called her and heard a man and woman talking about location of her or me. I thought they were helping her get her car jumped and started. I asked my friend if she was being helped and a man and woman were talking bout location. She said she couldn't hear anyone and no one was with her. She then said, "Apparently, someone doesn't want us to meet." I told her farewell and made sure I never contacted her gain to not cause any problems.

This is why I do not join groups who want to make contact, are fascinated and allowance of other life forms to experiment on them and if they are hateful to one human being and not to another and part of this group; I do not join such groups. Nor do I like the scientists who think I am one interesting lab experiment and don't care about my boundaries or thoughts or permission.This is why it is important to work on shadow and dark sides first and with each other and care for living things on this planet of this planet earth without distractions to avoid this important work that must be done first before hopping into another escape in self healing and healing on earth with all beings from earth first. Then we learn of others and their intentions and how they live their lives.

Well, this is my experience with other life forms. Believe it or not. It is your preference and your choice. Also this is not the exact replica...just a humorous picture. Gotta have a sense of humor.


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