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Fall Equinox 2023 - Our Life in Seasons

Well, my Dears…Fall is slowly approaching us. It’s the slight change of temperatures that are cooler at some points of the day. In the desert, it is still past 103 degrees Fahrenheit. They tell me that October is when it gets cooler here but my allergies to the plants here have kicked up and I know the slight change can be felt this way.

In other places; the leaves don’t start to change til the week of Fall Equinox. What is Fall Equinox the beginning of Fall season and the equinox refers to the equal hours of days and nights. It’s the time some folks and farmers start to harvest their crops or use the moon to tell them when to plant or harvest.

The sound of owls & ravens around my home used to tell me that it was the time of the Fall. Introspection time and gratitude for the abundance of the weather of spring and summer seasons. Try to remember what things you are grateful for in your life. First thing is that you are here. You’ve come to planet earth to experience all kinds of things that help you grow and learn as the Earth is our classroom. Sure we make mistakes and learn from them and there’s always time to reflect and reset yourself.

The season of autumn gives us the opportunity to watch nature & learn what it teaches us. It teaches us how to see beauty moving forward and letting go of what we cannot control. We usually cannot control the weather or seasons but it offers us a time to make changes in our

ways of eating.. We start to take out our warmer clothing and shoes for the weather ahead. Fall may entail rain, rain puddles, falling leaves or pine needles and seeing the squirrel scurry to find their food for storage, watching the bear eat vast amounts of food to store fat before it goes into a dormant hibernation. A deep slumber that goes on until Spring. Usually, the snow melts and warmer weather reveals new life sprouting and peeking out. It’s as if the Earth takes a much needed rest and resurrects itself during the Spring.

This is the time to gather what we need to imitate the hibernating animals and journal, plan and reflect on what is passing in our lives and letting it go. Is it a relationship, is it a job or a role in some organization. It’s the surrender of our duration of learning in one place and movement forward once the role is complete.

It’s like a Mother and child. We try our best in raising and protecting our child. Nurturing them ideally and teaching them they are unstoppable but need organization, well thought out plan and wisdom to fulfill their dreams and goals. We, as parents, watch them, correct them and try to help them see a better alternative or resolution and allow them to create and ask them questions. How would they resolve or do something? It’s a beautiful thing to witness your child growing up repeating what you thought they had forgotten they were told by us until they start telling their friends that same thing. It is a joy to see that they were truly listening in the melancholy teen years and young adulthood angst.

Our season of raising our child ends when they no longer need to have our guidance as frequently as they were in their younger years. It is a time to learn to let go slowly until they are educated and able to find their path…but every once in a while they do need our advice and it is a pleasure to engage in assisting them when we can. We find the role of this is diminishing and then they move away and then the need for our own reflection starts happening and we must createfgoals for ourselves. This is the beauty of growing up…even when we are older…we still are growing up…It’s amazing and amusing at the same time. Our season is finished and goes into the next. Creating our purpose but not in a rushed and overbusy lifestyle…we slow down, we see what we want and say what we want. It is a focus on our own path and our voice growing…it’s the time of celebrating aging.

Relish this life and as you get older, it is natural to mourn any role you fulfilled for such a long time and allow yourself rest and a time to figure out what you wish for your life and have fun making discoveries. It’s your time again and you deserve this time. You’ve worked a lifetime and enjoy your season of growth. Like the season we know there’s an end but there’s always a new beginning after the end. Make the most of your life while you can. Don’t let anyone tell you all the hard work you did; you don’t deserve the time to enjoy it's for yourself.

Well, take a moment as well to create your celebration of the end of the Summer and entry to welcome the Fall. This is how we teach our children and ourselves to welcome changes. Find the beauty in nature to make a seasonal recognition piece of art or table with elements of nature that are part of the Fall. Some carve pumpkins, bake pumpkins, paint pumpkins and some take leaves and acorns or pinecones and figure out what type of creative art piece they can make to immerse themselves in the seasons. Take the time to stroll through leaves and notice the different colors and sizes of them. See how the animals are acting during the Fall season and take note that we do the same as we prepare for the winter ahead. For others they may choose storing, canning, making jams or jellies, giving away seasonal clothing that doesn’t serve us or things to the needy. Making yard decorations, wind chimes or anything that our hearts are inspired to do.

Whatever it is that you choose. Please enjoy the season of Fall. It is a time to harvest and journal what graces and blessings you have and take time to silence your mind and reflect on the stillness this time of year. Happy Fall, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fall Equinox. Thank you for Being here and now. Namaste, Peace to you and Aho.


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