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Fall Equinox Celebrations with my Daughter 9/23/21

Fall Equinox was a blessing to celebrate with my daughter. We decorated small pumpkins and brought 5 apples for growth and ushering welcome to the Goddess. The five slices of apple are Spirit, Water, Air, Earth and Fire Elements which reminds me to blog which Element are you next time.

Her Mesa is small and brought a Kuan Yin cloth. She had the stag deer antler candleholder and had green very low burned for the spring gone and red for all life blood and white for Spirit or Inspiration and Light. I had the male wand to honor the birth and the son and biogenesis wand that holds Genesis energy. Then I had a red candle for lifeblood and black for the darkness and night with and around us and the white for day light and light in each of us.

Season of thinning veils between earth and spirit worlds or dimensions and lit each for the balance a equality in and around us to release have gratitude and acknowledge our shadow or dark to heal and be whole in the light. Maeve reminded us of the responsibility we all contribute to these two equal in their own teachings as what to alchemy the dark into light or release and in stillness manifest our new rebirths in the spring in our healing path and growth.

My daughter was asked to be surrogate to all in the healing crystal of releasing energies of the dark and usher in all in the light with my Tribal Maori crystal set. It was beautiful and now the Fall weather welcomes us into balance, releases and gratitude with manifestations for the spring. Many heartfelt blessings in this season and your seasons of death, birth and renewal. Much love. Aho! Note as we did this the male and female cardinals appeared in my daughters tree and Isis stood Guard and ravens called of the coming transformations.


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