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Fall Equinox Universal Lesson of the Time - Divinity 9/21/2020

Dear Beloveds;

Thank you for stopping by. I know that some challenges distract us from our relationships. We have many types of relationships and the first relationship is with yourself. How long has it been since you have felt the clarity of your Divinity? What relationship do you have with yourself? Is it friendly or have you betrayed yourself by believing the limitations of who you are? What type of relationships with others do you have? It is a call to your own Divinity and the qualities you are in this state of truth. This is the time to consider these questions. Take time to reflect and gather your Divinity. Where have you left it? Have you neglected yourself for others in a relationship that does not equate harmony, mutual respect and reciprocity? It is time to do this in this journey.

In the journey, Zeus has called us and your pure light helpers to protect your earthly and sacred bodies as your sacred body goes on this journey to discover your Divinity and the qualities that make up your Divinity.

We ground ourselves like roots from our feet or where we sit like a tree into the earth; we breath in pure light and cleanse our energetic, emotional and mental bodies by breathing out through our mouth these energies that defeat us like worry, anxiety, fear, rage, sadness, etc. We feel releases as we breath in deeply with our noses this pure white light and feel the cleansing when we exhale our breath. We continue this 5 more times as our bodies sink into the cocoon of Mother Earth. She is the nurturer, the grounding element, the supporter in all our earthly needs yet is a spiritual teacher; that if we care for her; she gives us and even when we do not think of her; she is an unconditionally loving force.

As our earthly body is relaxing and breathing very softly & gently now; we journey to the Upper-world; we know we are safe and able to receive the Light Wisdom about Relationships. We ushered into a room where the God Zeus and has thrones of agate for each of us to sit on. The the Goddess of Relationships and Beasts walks in "Ishtar." She is beautiful wearing a Crown of the Woods around her head and impregnated with only pure possibilities birthing relationships. She tells you that you must know that your Divinity is the essence and your self love. The animals of all of nature have followed behind her calmly and lay and sit at her feet knowing this lesson is not to harm you in any way. You are relieved that she is there. She tells you it is time for you to experience your Divinity.

Ishtar presents large abalone shells filled with the elixir of the River in Canada of Healing that diminishes all chaos and confusion. It is the river of healing because all the elements stopped warring with each other and made pact blessed with their Oneness. It is a gift from Goddess of Synthesis - Ghyldeptis she sent with Ishtar to gift us on this journey. She asks you to take the magical elixir assuring us there is no harm and drink of its contents of the River Waters.

You take the abalone shell and you drink of this River Water. You are transported from the room into another dimension where the River is in Canada that the Tinglit and Haida tribes cherish. It is a sunny day and trees of every type are around you. Nature's natural dwellers roam peacefully and with ease and are not alarmed at your presence. The Goddess Ghyldeptis has told them to be at peace with you on this journey. You walk to the River and the water is cobalt blue with sparkles of copper in it. You dip your toes in the water slowly and it is so warm to your touch. As you walk into the River; your body slowly merges with the healing waters and you are now water. You feel the purity and the comfort of the water. You are expansive now and buoyant. You are now sacred water.

Ishtar's voice still speaking to you in your transformed state. She tells you that any relationship of Divinity is truth, honesty, sensuality, harmony, self love, acceptance, eroticism and pleasure but not at the expense of another. Lust is an 'animal' behavior and we are capable of being a higher vibration. She asks you to think about your Divinity qualities. Ask yourself if you think of your qualities by comparing each as Divinity or is this Ego? Are you clear about who you are? If you are not clear about who you are; then how can another be able to know who you really are to have a relationship with? If you are dis-satisified, distressed, angry, unhappy; please look at how you view yourself first and then see if the exterior influence in your relationship answers to your call of confusion. Clearly your Divinity is misplaced. It's time to be real. Think about your Divinity in full honesty in order to readjust your expectations of self love into an unconditional love. Once you can do this for yourself; you can do this for others. Perfection is the imperfection but not to the point you ignore yourself and think someone else can fulfill and complete you. No one can complete you; you must be complete in your own Divinity first. It is your birthright.

As you are there floating down this River; you hear and feel the air so clearly. It is gentle and caresses the surface of you as water. You are so expansive that you can feel the layers of the water when the sun shines on you; you are warm and as you go deeper; you become cooler and cooler. You are merged with water and air. Without air; water would be stagnant and you become ever clearer with this self healing journey. You continue floating down this River and there is an embankment and a great Oak tree as vast and large with outstretching limbs. It seems to welcome you to the River's edge.

You start to hear the heartbeat of this Oak Tree and your heart beat matches. This Tree is the Grandfather of Wisdom of Ages that stands strong through time and its seasons. You start to touch the riverbank and as you touch the earth; you are merging with the earth and your sacred body starts to form. Each footstep towards this great Tree draws you closer. Your whole sacred body is formed and the Oak Tree welcomes you to ground yourself by relaxing in the arms large enough to hold you up and support you as you sleep from deep releases of untruths and ego not equating your Divinity.

As you awaken refreshed; your sacred body takes this lesson to take action on to your earthly body. You have learned many discoveries about yourself and how relationships are created by looking our your relationship with yourself and other relationships. You are certain you can create quality ones from now on. You are ready to practice this exercise and journal your findings.

Now you are ready for the Fall Equinox of releases & manifestations of Relationships. You give thanks to Ishtar and Ghyldeptis as you merge with your earthly body and for the lessons of the Elements and the Great Oak in this journey. You are always welcome to the River of Healing anytime to make a pact of Oneness with your Divinity and your relationships.

There will be a lifetime of different experiences in relationships and learning to be honest in who you are as a Divine Being of Light is no doubt your divine birthright. It is also a responsibility when being in a relationship as a Union of Oneness occurs in both situations. Be blessed and Be Divine. Much love and Happy Fall Equinox. You may light a candle to celebrate your self discovery and your new discoveries with this Universal Life Lesson of Divinity. Namaste and Thank you for Being Here.

Note: Research the healing properties of agate, copper and symbol of the magic of the oak tree and Fall Equinox. Copper is sacred to the Canadian Natives and jewelry is infused with brass and copper at times.


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