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False Alchemy: Are you a Hero or a Victim in Imbalance?

Dear Ones;

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you well on your journeys of birth, death and renewals of old self, relationships and experiences of evolution in your life.

It was a pleasure to have this time alone to do the work I so love to do. I am a loner at times and do the work needed to serve in a different capacity now. I have mourned the old roles, let go of situations and people and it was not so easy. It was a passage into birth.

Death is not a physical death but a spiritual one. It is nothing to be frightened of and trust and be reassured that it is inevitable for your growth.

In this journey like many, meditations are quite helpful each day setting an intention and it can be the same focused intention of being or it can be different depending on the cycles of your life. Like the seasons; we adapt to the flow. It may take some work to do this or our body will reflect the resistance of change at first because of doubt and uncertainty. It will take your dedication to Sacred Self to understand this.

This will help to question whether you are the instrument of change or stagnancy. How do you feel today? How do you feel emotionally is what I mean. Are you challenged by the pull and push of the planets, moon or sun? Are you affected by other situations that you care about? Do you doubt the power of choice for those who need to work towards this? If you are choosing to be the rescuer and the other the victim; you have done a disservice and gotten off the track of empowerment in service. Be gentle and truthful with yourself? Do you have a need to feel important? Do you think how you look and how others see you is a permanent state of being, a role and place in your life? Do you feel that you cannot change the way you are being by choosing not to do so much or doing too much on another’s behalf? Are you giving a gift of transformation by sitting back and allowing the victim within or are you servicing a chance to realize that they can and have the choice and power to be whole again?

Have you gotten so emotionally involved that you cannot see through this veil of illusion of being the hero? Do you feel a romantic, platonic of friendly situation of inequality of power fulfills your purpose? Do you feel compelled to hold your face and stance as the hero and warrior in a relationship of whatever it may be to the placement of crowning your victim this title of permanency in order for you to fulfill you and remind yourself that you are all powerful? Do you have the ability to see that this is not service is one is at a low vibration and attracts low vibration experiences to themself that you have given permission over to surrender their power because you can do the work for them? This is a false alchemy of transformation.

Alchemy occurs in positive or negative situations that will test both hero and victim how long they will fulfill the role? After a while, it is draining to the hero because he/she has to change how they are contributing to the one playing the role of victimhood. These are people who run around not claiming themselves and not doing the work or learning to clear their energy field and find the light as the power instead of hiding your positive possibilities of growth. It is uncomfortable at times to grow but it will be rewarding when you own up to choosing a different way of healing YOURSELF.

I have been in situations in my personal life; learning early that people will blame you when you take the false role of hero and service to those who have no idea what that is. In the past; it was easier for the victims that were unhealed to blame me for the choices suggested even as a small child. I would choose my words carefully saying “I am not an adult in this matter; please consider what things I do not know and you have to choose but this is a way to resolve.” It was a mistake because I serviced those who wouldn’t realize the need for their responsibilities and empowerment started by seeing themselves as capable and learned different polar opposite resolutions not in haste with the safety net to blame others for their decisions for themselves. Doesn’t this sound ridiculous? How can I figure out things without enough skill and knowledge in another’s situation if they have hidden some facts, hidden the truth and made a story of victimhood about their dilemma when I have just told them I cannot resolve matters due to unskilled maturity to resolve situations that are not my place?

What is meant in this message of love is that I wish the heroes/healers much awareness that every situation is not to be resolved totally for someone else if their frame of mind hasn’t changed nor they don’t want to put effort in learning new skills and asking for help themselves and discover the power of choice and voicing what they want.

I have had people come to me and with good intentions for healing but they have forgotten their role of a healer especially in close relationships. Emotions cloud them. Ground yourself, breath and listen to your breath and take note how the Universe works. It helps those who can voice and ask for help themselves. It is as if the role of the child (victim) is there and the adult (hero/healer) is expected to keep giving. When you keep giving; you will feel drained. That is a good sign when you are good and tired that your mind, body and soul need to see you walk the truth. Stand back and allow the power possibilities to surface and allow the victim to see they have a choice and no one can help them but themselves. It is difficult if you choose the hero- victim relationship for so long. It is especially difficult if you are in a close relationship, romantic or family or friendship where you are lost into the victim's story. Once you realize each one of us has the power to be whole then you will no longer rescue. You will cease the patterns of addictive rescuing because you give the victim the power and permission they need to hear that they must ask for help, that they must learn, that they must go within.

I recommend each and everyone of us to go within. Have we been in situations of hero-victim? Ask if your role is hero or victim? How have you contributed and they to this situation? How unhealthy it can be in the long term and it may show up in patterns of relationship of the same arrangement is a call to change. I wish you much awareness and truth seeking within this situation and choices made to break the patterns that do not service our soul contract to wholeness. We cannot stand up for ourselves if we reference back to the hero as the person to determine their wholeness. Wholeness doesn’t come from another person but comes from true effort to Sacred Self. Love of Self to do the things needed without defeating thought patterns someone programmed you with, you grew up with and have portrayed this falsehood of self in their lives. It’s not easy but it is rewarding when you find yourself. You start to function from self love and self power. I wish you much strength and I am not a therapist or doctor but if compelled; see a therapist to enhance the self defeating loops the hero and victim have chosen separately.Take the time to see what you are and what you need to change and ACT on it Put the effort realistically into yourself and dedication to remove the obstacles of the mind of self defeat. I wish you wholeness and wellness on this journey back to Sacred Self. Much love.


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