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Feather Medicine for Healing All 9/19/2020

My Dear Ones;

Shamans around the world use the Feather Medicine to honor the element of air, freedom and clearing off negative energies or the auric body. If you find a feather; it is meant to be yours. We do not hunt the animal but it has gifted its' body or feather's for medicinal purposes. Some Shamans use the animal parts in tinctures, elixirs, etc. I am not into killing the animal for any purpose.

Nature speaks to me with feathers as one of the signs or birds or insects like butterflies. Sometimes the kind of bird is good to research in a book called 'Animal Speak' by Ted. Andrews tells you the balance and imbalances of the animal helper in our healing. Natives will wear headdresses or clothing or costumes to emphasize a mythological creature and their stories at ceremonies or sweats or circles of healing. I work with the power of good and pure light.

As I was asking the question on the day I received my 4 directional power animals (has changed by the way); I received a feather of confirmation that my work with joining the heaven and earth was through a blue jay feather when I arrived home after my discovery with the North Shamanic Teacher. Sometimes, a feather gifted on walks from the Elementals was a cardinal feather as I saw a small leg of the Elemental then disappear. At other times, the color of the feather was the message. Red for 'no' and white for 'yes.'

Sometimes, Spirit had a way of having a sense of humor in this work by my asking for too many signs when I had to look within and really knew the answer would come in divine time. One day I was asking about the outcome of something I was worried about my daughter. She was taking guitar lessons and a beautiful lake was in back of the music center and I would take walks near the lake and then Spirit jokingly answered with a white goose plopping a feather down and pooping right on it. I laughed at my too much asking and looked within and knew the answer.

As I was starting to study Shamanism; we moved from our home where there was a hawk always sitting on the tree looking at me when I would return from errands. I then used to meditate the time I was pregnant and wanting time to myself to connect with God and the skylight would have a crow pick at the lining and caw at me several times to look up at it. It appeared at times cawing at me from the tree above my van trying to get my attention. It would do this every day after my husband and children were at school and my mother-in-law was at the senior center. I would then become annoyed at it telling it to 'shut up' and then leave and drive away and come back to see the hawk in my tree staring at me driving back. I was concerned about the crow and the hawk meeting with unfortunate endings.

I was moving from my home to the new place my kids would go to school and graduate. Spirit felt me and would have hawks fly down hovering over my van while I came upon the highway near our new home and then hover above my van after I parked in my driveway looking at me. Every truckload of moving boxes as my husband renovated the house; there was the hawks every time and then til the final trip came with the last few boxes. It was confirmation that it was meant to be I move here.

We rented our home we moved from and as I drove up to pick up the rent; I saw many black crow feathers spread in the front yard. I knew the fate of the crow and hawk. Evidently, the hawk won the territory and I picked up the feathers as medicine to mystical and magical beginnings with Shamanism and my life. I was shaking and then gave thanks for Spirit's give and medicine. This was my power animal of the North.

As time went on I would receive dove feathers as the sign of the Feminine Divine connection each time I would journey and learn about a Goddess or create and women's gathering at my home in honor of the Goddess. Sometimes, at Goddess Gatherings; I would receive a real gift from nature for the women. The first was a female cardinal who flew into my glass door and I tried to give her time to say 'goodbye' to her mate and then it was time for me to approach her and she broke her neck completely. I honored the cardinal with prayers and holy water and sage. I then pick her up and then Spirit instructed me to dissect the wings and tail feathers and feet and salt these for a few days. This would be the first gift of my first Shamanic women's gathering.

The next gathering entailed a South American Goddess and the gift I received when asked was the yellow feathered bird called the 'yellow warbler.' It had been visiting my favorite tree the elementals loved where finches and black birds loved to gather and flew around my home. The black birds were blessings and the finches in touch with the elemental kingdom. Anyway, the yellow bird then for some reason died and was by my car and garage. My husband noticed this bird and asked me to look at it. It was the gift of the Goddesses that had been observing me a few days. I then was told to honor it, pray, sage and then dissect the wings, feet and tail and gift each woman at the Goddess gatherings at my home.

As time went on, the hawk was one of my power animals - red tail. Sharp and keen medicine and you have to watch how abrupt your medicine can be. I had to learn to be truthful as I strive to be yet gentle in the messages. My North Shamanic Teacher then gifted me the tail of the Red-Tail Hawk. I was so grateful and surprised as I was the youngest in the group. It was a blessing and I use the feather to burn sage and wave over people to heal their energetic or auric field bodies. At Shamanic circle I received the hawk feather again while being saged as it came off the person saging me.

Then a few years later a huge owl dived into a large truck and smashed it's head on the freeway. My husband was driving and it was in the middle lanes. Not one car would run over it. It was sacred in the soul minds to never run over such a wisdom keeper to see beyond the veils. He called me to ask: "What shall I do with this great majestic bird?" I said gather with a towel and bring it back the wings and tail feather and talons so I can soak in salt and spread the wings and bring the body to me. I did ceremony and thanked the owl for it's gift of medicine for me and the whoever I helped heal themselves with honorable cleansing.

At the most trying times of our family's lives fighting as property owners in Montgomery, Alabama in the Rosa Parks District an Eagle would fly and glide alongside the work van of my husband's to tell him to use his foresight and encourage him to be sharp in his vision and wits of this 5 year journey before we opened Healium Center.

As a monthly ritual; I would take all the feather gifts kept in a cloth box with sage to preserve and hold them and when it was a gentle breezy day like today would move my hands and fingers and arms in motions Spirit guided for each kind of feather I received. At times, I would blow in addition on the feathers to clear these. Sometimes, I would receive gift of speaking from the macaw feathers from a Pagan Gay Shaman, a Hermit and also from a Divine Artist as well. It was a blessing. Then my next gift was the peacock feather - it's medicine is healing the earth and abundance and ability to use the 3rd eye medicine. Since I loved to dance to connect to Spirit and all my Pure Light helpers; a humming bird would visit at times to remind me of sweetness of joy and dance in life. Like today while finishing up my feather medicine ritual and healing; a real humming bird came in front of me and fluttered back and forth looking and chirping at me and gave thanks for it's medicine. Sometimes, the humming bird would assure me not to worry and look at a situation or action with joy and dance in my life. It is a beautiful connection as nature always gives us signs as gifts to our existence. It's nothing that can be forced but easily given with Universal and Unconditional Love. I am graced and grateful.

At times on my travels; I would receive signs and actually go to places where ceremonial objects were made with feathers that Spirit would guide me to purchase for the Universal good and healing of myself and all. In Costa Rica; I received a bunch of vulture feathers near the ocean as we went to celebrate Winter Solstice. My blog shows me about 'Seeing Yourself as Beautiful' with the medicine and turning and dancing with the feather's for the death of the old habits and relationships, things and rebirth to the new. I didn't know that at the time I first saw someone in my new Shamanic venture to learn as I was watching a man sage people with a large vulture feather. That scare me as I didn't understand the purpose or the use of medicine this life time.

So dance, sage, hold and allow the air to fill and bless the feathers of the element of air healing. They remind us to be light in our hearts and appreciate the messages from Spirit you may receive whether they are a message or a medicine both are healing. Be in gratitude as also the ritual allows us to clear others, the earth and dimensions or a room or object with sage. If the feather flies away; it is meant to be to spread the medicine to understand everything is temporary and a gift to Spirit and Gods and Goddesses. Enjoy the journey of learning how to be connected to the element of air and the healing uses of feather medicine. Aho and Namaste. Pic by Julia Craice - Unsplash


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