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Featuring Michael Burke - Poet, Healer, Vibrational Sound Therapist

Here's a poem by Michael Burke:



One of the longest journeys most of us will ever go on is one of the shortest distances we shall ever encounter. This is the Sacred Journey from the head to the heart. From thinking to feeling. From finding fault to finding freedom. From being IN this world To being OF this world. We are the navigator upon this Voyage of Discovery, And Love, Love is the captain. Love shall power the passion of our vessel, And shall pump the pistons of our praise. Love, especially love for ourselves, Is the fuel that burns in our hearts, and flowers our flames. We blaze in a blossoming brilliance upon this journey. To love ourselves deeper, To love others, To love ALL.

But it begins with a love for ourselves. A love that we navigate with our passion, Our presence, And our power to fill our own hearts full, As we journey from our crowded, opinionated and often closed minds, To the spacious expanse of our open hearts. Come with me and find the vistas that lay within your own love, For Yourself... As your mind let's go of the Me.. The I.. That appears separate.

Know on this journey from head to heart, That valleys and mountains shall be traversed, Oceans of doubt and gulfs of grief shall be sailed. But also waves of splendor and skies of abundance shall guide us along, Shall assist our navigation, So that as we near our home.. Our Heart... We fill it with so much joy and grace, That we become literally Overjoyed... And in this arrival from our head to our heart We spill over !!!

And this is one of the most beautiful things we can give ourselves, and others, upon this journey, The power and passion to spread joy into our heart.. our home... With so much love That we spill over. And we wash all of life with the love we are.

Right here. Right now.

Completely satiated. Abundantly overflowing. Fully present, at the Only destination of the greatest journey ever. The journey from the head to the heart.

And it is not just an arrival, It is a welcoming home. Come with me... Now And live IN your heart Live FROM your heart Live AS your heart LIVE.. LOVE. Realize, Love is the captain calling us home. And it's time to navigate from our head to our heart. And hold each other in the Oneness we are. The Oneness of the most Divine journey we shall ever go upon.

The Immaculate Journey from the Head to the Heart.


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