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Fish Sushi Burrito by Blue Thunder (AllergyFreeChef / Bluethunder63 on Tumblr) Recipes

Fish Sushi Burrito

Toufayan Gluten free tortillas

1 sheet of Seaweed (for Sushi rolling) packet

Cup water just to wet hands for seaweed moistening

Foil wraps

Condiment preparation: You can make more easily if needed depending how much condiment you love.

4 Tablespoons veganaise

¼ teaspoon wasabi

½ to 1 teaspoon tamari or soy sauce gluten free brand

Mix together and set aside in small bowl.

Mix salad

Cucumbers small one or two large diced

Shredded carrots

Fish Preparation

1-2 lbs or filet of fish

Marinate like a teriyaki

2 Tablepoons tamari or soy sauce

Dried granulated ginger just from a shaker top just sprinkle

Dried granulated garlic just from a shaker top just sprinkle

You can add any type of a 1-2 Tablespoons bbq seasoning or ethiopian / cajun shaker mode sprinkle

Set fish aside 30 minutes.

Cook fish on grill 15 minutes. Set aside and cool then crumble even if skin on it to cook. This eliminates a sharp knife to remove skin as it is cool to peel away and crumble with hands.

Set aside.

Take on frying pan dry non stick the tortilla and heat 30 seconds each side. Have one sheet of seaweed on open faced tortilla placed in center. Dip clean hands in water to moisten and wave edge of hands to moisten seaweed not perfect on one side and flip in center of tortilla and swipe moisten hand.Then take the condiment teaspoon and plop some one teaspoon in middle of seaweed. Take the rounded bottom of teaspoon and spread small layer not perfect over seaweed sheet lightly...doesn’t matter if moves a little can just wave gently with finger the seaweed back into position. Then take the salad and spread layer, some cucumbers and sprinkle carrots. Then add the crumbled fish in up and down middle section and add 1 to 2 teaspoons of condiment. Roll the tortilla in a burrito and take a sheet of foil once rolled and wrap around the ¾ of burrito and seal end of foil.You can add soy or more condiment. Eat and be well.


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