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Forgiveness with Ascended Master Jesus

During my youth; I had a neighbor whose children shared with me a secret about the concern of their father being too friendly with their neighbor. We all know that scene but it was my big mouth got me into trouble.

I was visiting the neighbor at one point with the kids and father present and I remember that the kids and mother wanted me to go over there and get him back home. I was just visiting and the only neighbors my strict mother would allow me to go see. My mother was a strict Filipina and the neighbors were Filipino but even sleepovers were prohibited if there were boys in the house.

Anyway, they sent me over to the house to get him. I went and said hello to the father visiting the neighbor. They were laughing and I think she had a child as well. Anyway, I mentioned that the mother was looking for you about some thing. He left and then I lingered and the lady talked to me and she had a German accent. I told her my name and that I was a friend of the kids and lived across the street from them and they knew my mother. Conversation went onward and something came of my mouth that the kids and wife of his thought something was going on between them. She then looked at me and said, "Is that so! I will have a word with them." I then left and felt really bad.

The next time I went over; the father told me to go home and not come over because I said something to the neighbor and upset everyone. I was in elementary school and felt badly but he didn't want to hear any more so I left. I didn't go back. I felt a guilt on my shoulders for years. Even when they moved away; I regretted that moment of causing harm.

It was during my Catholic confession during Lent week; I finally came clean to the Pastor. It was as if a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders and a warm light from Ascended Master warmed me in my heart and soul. I was so relieved that I shared this with my Mother about the guilt for years and how Jesus lifted me up. It was an amazing experience. Unknowingly, this would not be my first encounter.

He had been present with me at times in dreams telling me that a message for everyone to know is to celebrate how he came to be and the happy times of his life and how preachers have passion in their heart that doesn't really express what is in their voices or eulogies. He wanted people to know that the decorations and expenses for food and gifts wasn't necessary because you were giving to each other and just share and love each other without creating systems of celebrations that are stressful and commercial.

He used to wink at me at televangelists and those televised spirited shows. He then gave message in a dream as he was lecturing in the temples in his 30s and sitting on the marble steps to people sharing his new age knowledge. A Jewish man with novel ideas of God and how to understand and connect to him. What a rebel. I was in the dream sitting next to him and leaned on his lap as he spoke. I then was in the midst of cooking food for him and the people and then went back but I didn't see him physically so I became discouraged. He told me that just listen to his words not worry about preparing food or the pots or anything...does this sound familiar? His voice said to me: "Just because you cannot see me; doesn't mean I am not with you." I was comforted by this dream and share it with you.

There is redemption and connection with this Ascended Master at all times but we are the ones who lose connection and faith especially when you let your guilt keep you silent and harbor it. Make amends if you can and be honest. God loves you in all your flaws and perfections. Keep the faith and live life with honesty, love and truth. God doesn't want elaborate decorations, ceremonies, clothing, gifts or robes but more your presence and heartfelt connection and complete focus. Just believe and be and show gratitude with this message. Peace, faith, connection, love and simplicity in life and the blessings are abound.

This is some of my story with Ascended Master Jesus. Thanks for reading. Blessings.


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