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Ganges River of Healing

Dear Ones;

Visions of Devangaris with bow and arrow protecting my family. They come from Shiva. Other being of Light is Rama ties with Hanuman (monkey God) Avatar and wow! ... and this is a journey starting again. I am ready to receive pure light lessons of all Universal messages in Divine timing to help and serve. Other guidance to learn of Devas. The Devas are the benevolent beings in India are the benevolent Gods in the Hindu belief. Hence this story was recorded below for your reading and listening pleasure.

We can be unclear about our journey in life sometimes when challenges hit us head on one after the other. In this journey, we will reach clarity by releases of the old people, places and things or situations that we have used as excuses to hold ourselves back from Being the Divinity we are.

We close our eyes and relax grounding ourselves into the earth very gently connecting to her as our roots grow out of our bodies into the earth that cradles us. We are impermanence and we will breath in the trusting light of purity of white light into the top of our heads into our body, lungs and abdomen and then release what does not empower us into the earth. We continue breath this light of purity and do this 4 more times. Relaxing, breathing and releasing melting into the Earth our Mother and Sustainer of All that is. We breath softly and gently seeking the truth we need into our 3rd eye and it is a blue light of truth that enters our 3rd eye the center of our forehead the light of truth we seek in this journey. Closing eyes and trusting in truth in a space that our Pure Light Helpers are here to guard, guide and support both our Sacred and Earthly bodies. Our Sacred body will be taking this journey as our Earthly body relaxes in safety and pure light protection.

We see our sacred body rise up and float into an arid space and time of hot climate, the soil is powdery and smells of spices from a market in India. We see a little boy and he is wearing the customary clothing of white tunic and has small frame and wide almond eyes of wonderment. He calls you by your name and asks you to follow him. You look down now at your feet and you are wearing customary sandals and loose white pants and white tunics that is flowy and elegant. You are comfortable and relieved of the clothing you arrived in for this climate. You follow the young boy through small alleys leading here and there unknowing how to return but trust the boy.

The boy leads you to a temple of marble and people are sitting or admiring the handiwork of the architecture there. There are steps leading to the river. This river is the Ganges River. The river where life begins and ends and goes into nirvana. It is crystal clear and clean and the sun is shining very closely to you like a huge golden orange globe of light. The boy keeps leading you on the banks of the River far from the people there touring or enjoying the beauty of the building.

He keeps leading you to a jungle area; there is a Deva sitting in cross legged Lotus posture. Ornate in golden intricate jewelry of a crown on the head and body and arms and legs. You can tell and feel that this is a pure being of good. In India, these benevolent loving beings assist us on our spiritual journey back to sacred self. The Deva’s eyes are so welcoming yet wise and accepting. You feel the presence of love from this Sacred Being's vibration. The Deva speaks to you through the 3rd eye. “Welcome, Truth Seeker, are you ready for the journey to Sacred Self?” You answer back in your mind: “Yes!”The Deva says: “Then I shall guide in by you listening with your mind and 3rd eye. First we must take your sandals off because this is Sacred Ground.” You take your sandals off.

The Deva instructs you to walk into the clear and clean water. “In order for you to journey back to Sacred Self; you must release people, places, situations, things in your life that you felt you had learned from and outgrown. You learned sometimes by trauma, shock or pain or anger but you came back a warrior. Now it is time not to look back to hold back but to move forward using the lessons of transformation in positive movement you gained from the past. That is the only value of the past.” You listen intently. Now feel the river is welcoming you as you begin to lay back without fear. Remember, the Sacred body has no limitation of the mind of earthly references that hold you back. The Deva’s voice is so pure and soothing. You lay back into the warm water like into a womb of birth. Your primal memory is kicked in. You feel like you are weightless.

The Deva tells you to release the things that no longer service the growth into the NOW. To make way for what is new for you in the NOW onwards. You see toxins from your body gently being pulled away down river and the sludge is being removed on parts of your body where you collected tension, sickness, pain or inflammation/anger. Release and make way for you as you see people that helped you learn and not be float away from you down the river. Then as you feel lighter and freer; you see situations and places float away that no longer hang onto you as you no longer hang onto these. You see all material things of no value to you that you thought make you who you are float away. You feel so light and you float down the river now. There are others on this journey with you. They are buoyant and light.

As you understand that you a bigger and brighter than you are to the Universe. You begin to dissolve into water vapors lifted up to the skies into the clouds. The clouds become denser and it is only a time of more transformation and you feel the power of community together in harmony with nature in the clouds and the River. You feel you becoming heavier in the air and clouds yet light and then you are formed back into a water droplet. The clouds start to rain the return of you back to the River that leads and flows into the ocean. You feel the vastness you have become together with your releases and flow. You understand that you are not a drop in the ocean but you are oceans forming the sea. That you are unlimited in light and pure intent and can walk your truth and now you are ready understanding you are magical and you are valued and part of the Divine Plan. So now let’s get going!

You hear music by flute sounds taking you back to the banks of River where sits the Deva. Looking at you with so much love and wonder at your own Divinity. The Deva says: Now I see you Whole - Truth Seeker. It is time to take this energy and lesson back into your Earthly Body. You offer a huge Conch shell, incense that has appeared for your offering and beautiful birds of paradise flowers to the Deva for this lesson. The Wisdom Keeper smiles and the Deva's eyes smile at you as well. You float back to your body to share this transformation as you are all powerful in a non egoic way. Much love and light hugs in your self journey to Sacred Self. Namaste, Peace to you.


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