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Getting Acquainted with Apollo - Greek Sun God

In Greek Mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. Zeus was also known as Poseidon and pictured with trident in the ocean. He had an affair with Leto. She was impregnated and Zeus' wife, Hera grew angry and sought to rid Leto. As she ran many places to escape Hera's wrath; she went to the Island of Delos then went into labor and gave birth upon an olive branch. To add to her surprise had twins and the first was the Artemis, Goddess and Huntress who helped deliver Apollo.

As I was learning more about Apollo; I found that he was gifted the responsibility by prophesy, music, arts, beauty, knowledge and agriculture. He was gifted a lyre by Hermes which is was very proficient at playing this instrument. It was time to learn and understand

about this Universal Lesson diety in this journey. He was very large and very muscular. He wore a shell like the Fibonacci type on his head as Zeus / Poseidon ruled the sea and holds a bow and arrow. Sometimes he holds his lyre as well. In this journey, Apollo, God of the Sun (Strength) was to teach us soon what I needed to convey. He was alabaster like stone but no cracks and moved fluidly in his temple on Delphi. The Oracles of Delphi was were the women of prophesy fulfilled Apollo's wishes to the people. Many kings and highly esteemed leaders globally visited for wisdom and incite of the Oracle.

In this journey, he welcomed me back as he nicknamed me a named that some Gods of Goddesses call me to identify my connection to them. As I looked upon Apollo; he had eyes that were so vast and deep unlike human eyes but of the Universe and he told me to look into his eyes as he shared the energy of that experience with me. I gifted him in this spiritual journey doves and unusual music shakers as an offering of gratitude. After, he looked upon the gifts he told me that his sister, Artemis will give me a tour since men were not allowed in the Oracle of Delphi areas. Artemis, had the same eyes of universal vastness to give me a tour of this ancient place he said would help inspire me in the information needed. She was alabaster and moving as well with arrow strap and holder and she asked me to follow her. The Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. She is pictured with bow and arrow and the Moon a symbol of the feminine. She showed me chambers where the Oracles dwelled, places were ceremonies were done and the use of herbs to burn and consume bay laurel leaves to assist or enhance their prophesy abilities. Some offerings were food and animals to cook but the Oracle was not one to touch animal flesh or do menial labor. Her sworn allegiance to prophesy in honorable service to Apollo was a serious role at the time.

There was pressure but now as you can see there are psychics amongst us and no one needs to sacrifice or die if incorrectly conveyed a message. Back in the day, the Oracles were 16 years of age virgins but too many were kidnapped, raped or murdered. It was the woman of ages 50 years onwards that were appointed Oracles to avoid this loss of young life and developing young Oracles. If your prophesy displeased a King or high order individual; meant death at times or if incorrect; the same fate. Apollo fondly called them "Delphi" and learning this information helped me to understand and familiarize the ancient wisdom.

Then the Goddess Artemis said it was time for me to go and I offered her olive leaf crown and arrows with beautiful crystal tips for her lessons and revelations. I was to return another time for the Universal Lesson of the time for All. Until then, the next article will follow when Spirit calls upon me and Apollo to come for Pure Light Messages to channel in stories to you. I hope you enjoyed this introduction of the information. Many hopefilled wishes of you of strength, hope and love. Namaste.


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