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Goddess Arianrhod Celtic Moon Mother

Goddess Arianrhod is the Moon Goddess which her name means Silver Wheel (that descends into the Sea). She is a Welsh and Celtic Diety. Her festival is December 2nd and honored at Full Moon. Her balance is located in the Aurora Borealis.

She works with your own lessons of beauty, fertility, reincarnation with past life memories and difficulties. Call upon her support to overcome the loops I wrote about in past lives other blog to move past the carried loops into this life time.

Arianrhod has white flowing hair and flames of passion with white wings in ecstatic pose. She is the White Goddess. She is the dark side of the Moon. She shape-shifts into a Owl with very large eyes (sees beyond the veils or masks). Her other name is Goddess Selene and is daughter of Danu. Danu means 'Weaver between Worlds' meaning dimensions or just other worlds. I am referred to as 'Danu' fondly to remind me of my role in helping the Universe simultaneously to be assisted by the Universe of wisdom to share and ourselves of our ever changing need of transformation past the old loops.

Selene is the Universal Goddess of this Time 5/14/2005. It is the season of coming into the close of Summer and many signs of nature tell you so as the animals rummage and will continue to gather and place the summer's harvest into their own lair for keeping. Other's are eating or mating franticly to prepare for their period of being dormant and slumber so they must eat enough like the Bear to be able to lie dormant during the period of Winter.

The Lesson:

Realize there is a dark side to all things and that our difficulties signal the need to rid of old belief and actions that are patterns of falsehood. When this occurs we are hopeless, distressed and frustrated about the present moment. This is a good signal that you are getting fed up of lies and illusions to confine you. Take a moment to question yourself whether this is the way you really believe or do you need to learn more and put effort in creating a new you. That you do not need to hang onto patterns that seemed 'natural' and part of you that are self defeating. This is an untruth. Be committed to becoming a Being of Divinity at all times. Looking at the dark side is the ability to heal and come into the Light. Bury the old patterns, loops for real in your heart and mind and catch yourself and create a mantra of inspiration in your mind when you do catch that every time. In time you will become who you really are. Be in the Now. Live no more from the Past. Much love.


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