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Goddess Ishtar - Lady of Beasts and Relationships

I was instructed to journey as lions guarded and roamed my room. They accompany the Goddess Ishtar. She is a pregnant Goddess with so much birth possibilities to life and relationships. Even when a relationship ends; there's a beginning of another. She flies so fast downward to me. She has olive golden skin and long dark hair with braids. She wears a lion skin on her shoulders and has a golden cloth shawl. She is almost nude as strips of cloth form a skirt with slits on each side. She has lions that see my power animal and I ask her to comfort and confirm that the lions do not fight with my power animals; they agree and are swooshed up to the heavens and then as she lands down; they (lions) are laying at the side of me peaceful and sleepy positions as my power animal lays like a large white kitten. (Jaguar).

Ishtar tells me the braids are relationships formed from beliefs and one is heart, needs and ancient ancestral wisdom even passed down from subconsciousness that serviced only that time period of collective growth. She references the lack lesson was exhibited during Hitler's reign and the Depression.

The atrocities and terrible events prompted us to learn that this reliance on making one person a "God" to interpret ad delegate from only their perspective in mind caused this. We followed orders seeing the soldiers at the concentration camp because of our view of lack and limitation.

We continued to learn that if a group of people were being imprisoned and annihilated; from a neighbor then another country could justify protecting this group of people would cause their own violence and annihilation in revenge a 'proper and good thing' to do.

She continues to take me on a time travel in the years of the 60s and Viet Nam war that we were also using this method of imposition of our beliefs on others and enforcing because they thought it was 'peaceful.' She shows that we are collectively growing and the 60s were the awakening stage that were were learning to come out of this robotic response to follow a belief that did not service peace for all.

Relationships in our home life that we must have the patience and compassion to reveal our expectations of the relationship to each other but not impose this unhealthy pattern to achieve balance and equality. Too many times, we feel so strongly what works for us may work for another and try to place our perspective in the other's mind. When we retain perspectives without question or thought that limits us understanding of ourselves and others; this is called 'mind viruses.'

Communication with compassion is so important in our patience and focus towards the balance between each other and accepting each other's views. I asked, "What about in a place where it is not a personal relationship like work?" The Goddess says to maintain integrity and honor and approach with the words that open up to diplomacy in exchanging the information for harmony in the workplace. Start by talking about a misunderstanding so that it is acknowledged that a peaceful resolution is wanted and cooperative response will be the goal.

During this journey; I am shown a path of mine and your pant leg of white with spurs from plants and briar branches in the way of the path and am told that relationships can only be cleared if we identify and pluck out and remove what holds fruitful understandings back of simply removing them. To be able to grow, thorns must be removed so the lessons of travel is much smoother and clearer on our path.

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