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Goddess Ixcacao and Goddess of Love Journey/Message 4/23/24

Dear Beloved Heartholders;

We are our heart’s energies. To cleanse our hearts; it is essential to go deep inside oneself into meditation to know who you are. You are a flawed being from the Loving Light Above. You are purposely flawed to relearn and remember who and what you are here for on this planet.

It is a beautiful sunny day and the Earth is calling me. The Goddess of MesoAmerican lore is named “Ixcacao” pronounced Eesh Ka Kau. She is the goddess of the fields, abundance and compassion and the cacao. Cacao is the raw form of chocolate. It was considered a drink made with taking the cacao pods when yellow or orange like and opened and inside where white pods with the violet seeds inside. The cacao was the Goddesses blessings and reminders that all need to be fed from Mother Earth and provided for them. Then legend has it that the King wanted the Goddess to marry the God of Finance to make the community abundant. Instead of sharing cacao the King decided it would only be used for special ceremonies and the elite. It was considered an aphrodisiac and became limited and used as money. The purpose of the cacao was to create compassion and abundance. Not abundance and then compassion was no longer seen, valued or heard. The people were starving in the fields and the Goddess of Love saw that this was lacking. She teamed up with the Goddess Ixcacao to bring back compassion with the abundance and the cacao. There was a Patron God of the Cacao named Ek Chauj who was also asked for protection from traveling vendors on their treacherous journeys as well. Merchants would place 3 stones and ask Ek Chauj for his protection on their journeys to deliver the cacao.

Then I was seeing the Goddess Ixcacau and she stood there talking to me with the Goddess of Love saying that Mother Earth known as PanchaMama was lacking the compassion and love to provide the soil and nutrients to grow the cacao. She wanted us to understand that corporate greed is not a good thing and a divider of the plant medicine of the heart - the cacao. She also said that we must start thinking and doing from compassion to heal Her. She said the land should be respected on the usage or plans to ‘grow’ without egocentric minds and lack of heart understanding. They must know to meld into the environment and not toxify it with selfishness and greed and division like they had with the King in her country (Mayan) who wanted it for a few making scarcity and suffering. She said if it is not necessary to build on the land then leave it alone from the heart of compassion and love that all have the right to exist. The lesson went on to say the division started with wars, competition, who is better, stronger, prettier and so forth and this is a divider emphasized by the sports created in our system. We invest so much in our athletes to entertain the idea of competition and telling the athletes to go hard or go home. We must deny the falsity of these kinds of teachings of domination and success for others egos and suffering are just part of the plan. No suffering is not…love is and opening our heart with the medicine of cacao helps reset our minds, our hearts and our relationship with how we manufacture, grow, work and dress and shop and exist without destruction. Take a step further with your heart chakra if this is embracing all and abundance is for all. Not for a few. Humility comes when you see and feel good when all of us are provided for. This is real abundance and love. 

As the Goddesses are speaking to me; the Priestess of the Cacao is watching. I am grateful for the lesson of the Goddess Ixcacao and Goddess of Love. I go to the Priestess and give her a MesoAmerican mini statue of the Goddess Ixcacao and she cries and holds it deeply embracing it and cries heartfelt tears. I give each Goddess in Gratitude first the Goddess Ixcacao a rose quartz stone heart with gold rose in the center and the Goddess of love a golden heart with rose quartz stone rose in its center. I am grateful and come back into my Body as My Guardian of Guardian Angel has guarded me as a golden seraphim. I am poured back into my earthly body guarded by my Temple Dragon and other power animals surrounding me. I am abundant and my heart filled and grateful with unconditional love. Thank you for the lesson of the time. Blessings from the Goddesses be with you and Happy to serve this Thursday.

nderstand the Goddess of Cacao and the Goddess of Love. I I left out parts of the visitations I saw the Goddess of Cacao dressed in white and bright colors of yellow ornate with golden earrings, her skin a dark mocha and dark hair holding a vase of clay earth  of cacao beans.

My personal experiences on a side note:

During this Journey I welcome to uThe Goddess of Love is wearing a long white skirt with a high slit and orange top that is tied around her breasts and she wears a golden serpent headdress. She too has dark hair and her skin is like golden and copper specks and lighter brown. She has the energy of a temptress and seducturess and a smile so inviting and alluring. They put a golden crown upon me and a golden necklace. I am touched by this and compelled to give offerings to the Goddesses for teaming up and bringing fertile corn and fields to the people and cacao back to the people again. 

The white feathers I thought were the pheasant ‘orendapula’ bird are not that that the Priestess used to smudge me the first encounter alone in the cacao farm with her alone gifting me a cup of prepared cacao to expand my heart…my heart of understanding. She is holding a rare white feathered eagle fan and head dress and she places one on me. I am corrected in this journey that these are not the feathers of a pheasant but of an eagle.

I am also in service to compassion with the Goddess Kuan Yin (Asian Mother Mary) but this Goddess of Compassion is now Goddess of Cacao named Goddess Ixcacao. My service to this private event for sacred cacao will not be traditional as times have changed and a universal approach is needed as all of us expand in the earth…all have expanded in the heavens.

We are all progressing and sharing the added details to my journey. I am honored and touched. Namaste and Peace to you and Know that you are Much Loved.

Much heart expanding prayers for your heart and mine and loving vibrations from above. Thank you for Being here, Namaste and Much love.


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