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Goddesses - Shadow Work Journey with a Peruvian Shaman's Inspiration Overcoming Anger

As you can see; I like to do Shadow work. We all need to keep releasing our shadow work to be whole into the Light. 2/16/2003 is the day I journeyed with my Peruvian Coyote (trickster medicine) Shamanic Teacher. It was no secret that I had to overcome Anger. I was also new to the Underworld and this was one of the introductions to the Shadow.

This was inspired from a vision the night before of a dragon winding and passing a torch to me and and coming in darkness and the Crow flew me towards a large full moon then turned into a large bat and there was the Goddess Kali. She cut off my head and chopped me to pieces and took out my heart. I thought she was going to eat it but she told me to put myself together with the will of my heart again from a previous journey. I slept very deeply that night. The sacred body is the one doing the work to meld the end result energy into the earthly body and mind from journeys for healing and growth.

As the start of the journey; one of my Power Animal - Crow appeared (one of my magical power animals); to lead me to the Underworld. The Underworld is not Hell but merely a dimension to do sacred healing of your own shadow. A shadow is anger, jealousy, greed, etc. Look at my 7 Human Issues into Self-Check Healing blog.

A Crow took me to a cave and I walked further to see this man that was tan and bald with golden moon crescent on his chest and a black skirt (Like the Peruvian Shaman's mens skirt). I addressed this man with respect and asked if I could see my Personal shadow and see my collective shadow is what I was told by the Peruvian Shaman that: "I may enter because of my good heart." Later I would see this man as I fondly call him "Lord Ayahuasca." It is a plant medicine to take you into alternative states that some Shamans use. I do not use this herb at all in my work that I published.

In the Underworld it was dark and many sinister sounds and shadows and indescribable beings where there. This may resemble the inside of a volcano and fire was was inside in pools everywhere. I jumped over a pool of fire on a path I continued to walk on and saw a stone wall like a castle dungeon or castle wall. There was a flight of stars going left and the other going right. The Crow said "go up the stairs." At the foot of the stairs, I looked at a pool of water with turtles and some slimy dark snakes and the Crow told me to not go there and go through a hole in the wall that showed light to the outside.

We went through into a meadow and a ring of waterfalls was there. I heard laughter but saw no one. The laughter was from the Goddesses. There was a clearing of trees and I was told to sit on a stone bench and wait for my personal shadow. Sekmet (Goddess of Anger) appeared. She showed me my family and ate me and my family. She reminded me: "Do you want this to happen if you continue this way?" Then she disappeared. You know I've had years of anger built up so I can say I am a work in progress. Visiting the Underworld many times on a long standing issue is not unsual.

Next, the Goddess Inanna (works with your shadow side) appeared with the light and dark side of me. She symbolizes embracing the shadow and and both light and dark of myself embraced each other at the heart charkas wearing white and gold robes.

I walked around to the left of me and heard music from the sky. Aphrodite the Goddess of Love appeared (she has a musical voice when she speaks) and gifted me a dove. I consumed the dove as feather's flew as remnants of this gift. In Shamanism; we feel if we consume the animal medicine it represents can enhance our goals. No I do not do animal sacrifices or torture in real life and besides if the animal dies naturally; we believe we can retrieve parts of the animal for healing medicine if died recently not eat it but utilize horns, hoof, claw, beak, wings, skin or tail feathers, etc.

I honored the dove's medicine of peace and built a fire and burned the feathers and put the ashes in a golden pouch that appeared for me and went back across the meadow to the opening in the castle wall into the volcano back into the Underworld and onto the stone stairs going down hopping across the pool of fire down the pathway where I entered the Underworld again. I gave ayahuasca (Plant medicine used in Peru to access realms especially things that need addressing in an altered-state) and the golden pouch to the Moon Crescent Man. He laughed and said, "You'll be back!" I just left back to where the Crow and I started the journey to return my sacred body to my earthly body to immerse inside the energy transforming me.

I hope you enjoyed the diverse ways the Goddesses and different Pure Lights assist in growth and healing.


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