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Goddesses - Shadow Work Journey with a Peruvian Shaman's Inspiration Overcoming Anger

As you can see; I like to do Shadow work. We all need to keep releasing our shadow work to be whole into the Light. 2/16/2003 is the day I journeyed with my Peruvian Coyote (trickster medicine) Shamanic Teacher. It was no secret that I had to overcome Anger. I was also new to the Underworld and this was one of the introductions to the Shadow.

This was inspired from a vision the night before of a dragon winding and passing a torch to me and and coming in darkness and the Crow flew me towards a large full moon then turned into a large bat and there was the Goddess Kali. She cut off my head and chopped me to pieces and took out my heart. I thought she was going to eat it but she told me to put myself together with the will of my heart again from a previous journey. I slept very deeply that night. The sacred body is the one doing the work to meld the end result energy into the earthly body and mind from journeys for healing and growth.

As the start of the journey; one of my Power Animal - Crow appeared (one of my magical power animals); to lead me to the Underworld. The Underworld is not Hell but merely a dimension to do sacred healing of your own shadow. A shadow is anger, jealousy, greed, etc. Look at my 7 Human Issues into Self-Check Healing blog.