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Goddesses Sphinx, Vila& Yemaya teach Shape-shifting to Overcome Challenges 4/17/2006

This is a short a sweet journey and message from the Goddess Sphinx, Vila and Yemaya. She is the female version of the male Sphinx we are familiar with that asks riddles of us til we find the answer. The answer is within. Vila is the Caretaker of the Earth/nature, herds and protects all, and Yemaya dwells in the Oceans waters of surrendering all you do not need to her water in offerings of prayers and gifts for her assistance and touch with your Ancestors.

The journey begins with the Sphinx facing me. Isis the Mother Goddess is my archetype that dwells nearby me. Goddess Sphinx says the Collective Lesson for you and many is 'Challenges.' Challenges have had many earthly souls clear their path towards it or are on it. The mind, body and spirit need to shape-shift or transform through looking into her emerald green eyes. She says: "If we allow the pure energies to enter us; it is amazing! The energy travels to my heart and illuminates in green and gold light. Vila the European Goddess of Mother Earth's energy says: "Our heart energy is our Divine Expression. I am transformed into a golden illuminated tiny Fairy (Faery) with green wings and dress.

The Shape-shifting (known in Shamanism is the ability to change form and be unlimited to travel realms or large or small spaces to gain wisdom.) is more of a Contraction or Expansion of our energies. Contraction is the inner work we need to do and Expansion is the reaching outward for wisdom. For example; if we shape-shift as a beetle; we experience the volumes of what we used to view as small details of nature missed into more understanding and learning (another perspective). Allowance of this pure energy is the surrendering of will. We have a will to choose and a will to be stubborn or guarded depending on what we are addressing is helpful or stops us fro learning and moving forward. The Goddess Yemaya of Surrender is Vila's assistant. Goddess Vila says: "Surrender what does not empower you. Will is not expansivity but surrender is unlimited possibility!" Exult in Vilas' Dance of Liberation from Illusion.

I hope this small journey assist in your understanding of the Universal Lesson of Challenges and how to overcome with their guidance. Be Expansive with Yourself in the Pure Light without out ego or harm. Decide if you are being stubborn from patterns taught of guardedness from issues unresolved or are you open to the divinity given by this exercise in Soul Expansion and Light? Namaste.

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