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GrandMother Moon's Healing on the Buck Moon 7/22/21

The Mother Moon was glowing with beauty this night 7/22/21. She called me for a visit.I immediately held the dragon blood stone/wand (It is used for self care and calm mind, self discovery and self love.) and obsidian (Helps draw out emotional blocks and ancient trauma and discovery of unknown for growth.) double pointed wand and had my sodalite wand with me as I readied myself for this much needed journey.

I grounded in front of my Mesa after my Sound Healing with Beloved and a new trainee.

It was a great sign of gentle journeys with the new sound healing with a deer that appeared in the local park we walked earlier that morning.

After returning home from a hot and steamy walk; we showered and then dressed for sound healing practice we had not practiced since Covid. On the way, I saw a vulture which is the symbol of birth, death and renewal.

I grounded my sacred and earthly bodies with light. My tree trunk came from the bottom of my body to ground it’s roots reaching out to Mother Earth and her earthly richness and love held my roots like hand interlocked in union of our frequent visitations. She reminded me that we always return to her.

I breathed in white light and called upon my Pure Light Protectors, to Guard, Guide and Support both my earthly and sacred bodies. My sacred body immediately rose out above my earthly body in golden light in a Seraphim...a 6 winged angelic form. It was so needed.

As I rose up, my power animals were assembling and ready to take this journey with the Feminine Divine of Grandmother Moon. She was the quiet reflection we needed to be. The quiet power lessons of silence and inner work. We all flew into the night sky to surround Grandmother Moon and look in awe at her beautiful, bright and luminous light.

Mother Moon beckoned me to come into her Arms as she was the Lunar Goddess. Instantaneously, a moon-dusted bathtub appeared and she poured liquid, milky and sparkling illuminated healing moon waters into my eyes and my head and body as a reinforcement of the quiet reflection I needed and to strengthen my Feminine Divinity. I was pure metallic milky white like a moving statue. As she was healing me; my power animals had dug holes in the soft metallic moon soil to bury moonstone carved as roses. As the moon helps plants grow; the soft pink roses, the symbol of self love and friendship, grow quickly.

Simultaneously, Isis (symbol of mothering alchemy) and Kuan Yin (symbol of compassion). My Goddess Mother’s appeared and I had a shell like goblet filled with the Moon dust to have them drink in the sweet healing and nurturing nectar for their work and service done to others and for myself in transformations many times. The Goddesses drank this luminous liquid up.

Then I bowed, dressed in Native dress, all white in moondust. I did prostration before the Mother. I was divided in quarters and my body became powdery moon dust that fell to the ground and my power animals rolled and bathed in the Moon Dust. We were now ONE, breathing and blended in each other’s energies ignited and healed by Mother Moon. It was time for us all illuminated in our hearts and I gifted Grandmother Moon the sodalite wand. It heals with calm, self worth and calming the mind. As you know many of us are affected by the Moon and sometimes we can be erratic or act out of character. Please be patient and forgive one another and breathe as all are temporary through the erratic, unstable phases of the moon. It is best to go into quiet reflection and meditation and become ONE with all that is. This will bring you calm, harmony and gratitude. Enjoy the 5 Buck (deer) Moon. I hope this helps you as much as myself. Namaste, Peace to You. Be calm and feel valued, heard and loved. Thank you.


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