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Happy 4th- Travel: Freedom to Reset & Explore

Travel is the freedom to explore and experience new space, people, beings and nature. When you travel to a local area that you’ve never been; it refreshes your mind and resets it constantly. Why do I say reset in my posts or blogs lately? Well, I had a close call with both my Beloved and I with people we knew and raced to their rescue. It was a mind altering drug that someone slipped into a drink and they barely made it home safely and a mid morning call for help to please come because they didn’t know anyone else available. We did and the man affected kept saying to me…you need to reset many times. He said things to me that I had this WTF moment! My Beloved cradled him like an overgrown baby as he could not speak and was later told that he was fighting demons in the room and they tried to bother me and he also grabbed my hands so tight to protect me. That was something. We kept assuring both my Beloved and I that he was safe and held him down as he was crashing into things and yelling. It was a 12 hour ordeal I have never witnessed and experienced. But this is the experience you really don’t want at all and neither did the couple that the woman called us for help not knowing who else would come. I learned that life is too short and there was concern of brain damage and speech but it was wearing off and decided this year was the year of flow and ease as all our Universal Goal and that Reset was also the goal.

Have you had long time situations or relationships or problems that keep recurring and you ask why? You need a reset. It’s your ancestral programming, societal programming and religious or spiritual and education programming that have hindered you. You’ve forgotten to ask the question…because they say …don’t rock the boat…don’t ask questions…stay in the lines and then you feel depressed and repressed and need something more. Well, are you taking the steps to make life fresh and reset? It doesn’t cost a lot of money to travel and you can be creative. I have friends who pet sit for folks and explore a new home and enjoy the setting while the owner is gone and caretaking the pet. Others visit friends in state but far enough in nature to enjoy the outdoors and reset. Water is a rebirthing and reset and refreshes you in spring and summer months. The mountains speak and beckon you to wander in its domain and feel the earth again. 

So when people say you are so lucky to travel so far to experience flow, ease, reset and reconnect to God’s creation and he/she has created all things and you are part of this beautiful mirage of reality. We swim in the seas of realities so diverse and then we settle for less because we think less of ourselves. We tell ourselves limiting words about ourselves, our self proclaimed elders or ancestors living in lack and anger of limitation that we cannot do for ourselves or be good enough and strong enough. This is not true. Take baby steps and reconnect to you by taking a break walk in nature, park, around the block and take note in your mind how much natural settings and living beings add to your focus to gain peace, tranquility and reconnection to your own divinity. You have nothing to lose but something to gain.

When things don’t work out; try another way but in order to understand the path is not just one path to resolve all things for all beings. There are many that give you peace and flow with ease by resetting. Even staying home to meditate creating a meditative space or prayer table of empowerment of light. Writing notes to self…You are awesome. I am good at this…I am beautiful, I am capable, I am joyful, I am positive by choice. I am totally loved and the list of positivity goes on. You can explore my blog on “I AM” meditation or “What are Your Beliefs with the Goddess MInerva in my storytelling journeys. 

The ones who can travel far can explore with a group or friends or family that are in harmony with this idea to mutual reset. When you reset your goal; you can then see what you want to explore on these tours or trips. If you are alone and uncertain where to go; research places you can afford and what this place offers that is fresh and new and go. Make sure seasons and weather, etc. are ideal as well and dress accordingly for each activity.

You are the world and you are the Universe. When you reset; you’ll come back fresh dear Warrior and be able to take on whatever you need to address. Try the most simple and easy steps and this will build your endurance and hope factor in your mind. You will find in travels that we are all the same. We have all basic needs and we can relate in ways like with music, food and art. Sometimes, a staycation is drawing at home an hour or two lost without a clock and time on your appointed self care day. You can paint, do chalk drawings, blow bubbles, dance, write or read books and poetry. Re-invent your sacred connection to self and your mind will relax and your simple inner childlike play will reset you. Go to a play or a movie or watch Netflix or something. Play board games and do it as if you are a child not making it a goal to be on top or winner but experience how the game works.

You see you keep a daily journal of your resets to reawaken you and your earthly mind, body with your soul when you do this. You feel more at ease and able to take on challenges without being so stressed because you took the time to travel to a near or far location to come back to your own wholeness. Try baby steps and see and live a life without regrets. Near or far the experiences you create may simply be present in each experience you create and appreciate it. Life will be full for you in this manner of thinking and stay away from barrages of news and social media. Your home is in your heart and you carry it everywhere every time you reset; you clear and open yourself up to a new sight of living and being. May you enjoy your journeys and blessings of resetting into wholeness. Peace, Namaste or Thank you for Being here in your Divinity. Stay strong.


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