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Happy Earth Day Story by Blue Thunder 2017

Earth Day Meditation 2017 by Spirit with Blue Thunder/Donna: In my personal journey I was accompanied by several of my power animals through a tunnel towards the middle of the Earth. It was a tribute to Honor Gaia/Mother Earth and ended up in a cove and huge cave opened out to the sea. The sand was soft and moist to my feet, the sea air so clean and gentle, the sun shining outside and the water was emerald green. The people that lived there where tannish green skinned with headbands and clothed in leaves/grass. Their eye blue aqua green and marking in white in geometric forms on their forehead, hands and legs. They did not speak but beckoned me to sit in circle with them. The saw the truth in me and every strength and flaw and conveyed without words...LOVE. The Mother Earth formed in the middle of the circle and she looked into my eyes. She was so loving, so nurturing and always giving. Today I thought what will I do to give back She so freely provides and gives without judgment to all?...from what we see in beauty with our eyes, feel without touch and taste and smell, what we wear and where we live? Then the circle of this tribe sent love to each other and me...It felt like a home to my soul. Love was me and it was getting stronger in this unified circle. I thought what will I do now to show my love and gratitude? I meditated and then saw myself being true to Her. I then devoted love to Her. It was time to leave and embraced these wonderful beings of love and gave thanks to Mother Earth. It was a beautiful journey...I had to share with you yesterday in my own way and hope it conveyed love and gratitude. Then my spirit body came back through the tunnel to reunite with my earthly body. It was a blessing and something I needed to share. grounded, be love and be true. The art by Toni L Taylor of the Sacred Bear. We are still easing out of our caves time to time and being gentle with how much we share of ourselves with others and doing the inner work that was there for winter hibernation. Those with the bear as their spirit guide or spirit helper/power animal can understand the experiences and hope you do as well. Enjoy Earth Day. Do something beautiful for Her.

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