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Happy Spring Equinox Lessons from the "Cormorant"

Happy Spring Equinox Lessons from the Estuary Bird called the “Cormorant” 3/15/22

During my stay in Costa Rica; I noticed there were birds that were neither an egret, heron or crane. They didn’t have long legs and they were white and black. They would ride the waves of the oceans. I observed their short neck but buoyant body. It could dive into the waves and waters deeply to fish for the tiny fish in the beaches there. Then it could swim under water emerging into the air. It was a master of fluidity from water to air. It had a joy-filled feeling. It was blissful with the sunny day and gentle breezes. I loved to watch their skillful adaptation. It was a lesson on buoyancy…the ability to float then emerge out of water into the air.

When I returned from my trip; I visited my daughter. She loved going to this park where the water flows stronger as the winter wanes away. As I say to her: “The Pendulum of Winter and Spring is now and the pendulum will settle when it is the full season of spring. When we think of spring; we think of greenery, fresh flowing waters, beautiful flowers and plants and life emerges from a slumber like a bear. As we sat there; watching the water flow; my daughter took her shoes off to walk carefully in the water. She likes her solace near the water. It gives her peace as I watch her expression. I am more silent trying to take it in as I have been in hot and tropical weather and the weather in Georgia is a bit chilly for me as I adapt.

My daughter sees a pure black cormorant bird sitting on an abandoned trunk in the water and another comes to fly as they sun their wings. I do not know what kind of bird but thought it was a crane but research to find it is not a crane at all because cranes have long necks and legs. You learn something new every day. I smile at wonder on their buoyancy and sleek bodies like a gymnast or professional swimmer's body that is elongated and compact. They are beautiful as they sit and are the symbol of nobility and indulgence. In Japan and other mythology; the cormorant was a symbol or helper. The Japanese used the cormorant’s to catch fish for them. This bird is considered good luck to fishermen.

However, the Universal Lesson is buoyancy and fluidity with flow. Can you handle the changes of the waters and the seasons of your life? The cormorant is a teacher on how to have complete focus and faith in what can nourish you. Does it nourish your body, mind, and soul? What gives you joy in being and doing is the most important thing. The cormorant takes the action and dives deep and focuses on what it wants to feed itself. The water element allows you to understand a quick check of self and your feelings and breath. Ask yourself how you are feeling? Acknowledge and accept it. You will find that you can move forward afterwards. In the water, the cormorant is an underwater magician. It can land in water and dive as you observe and then all the sudden has swam so easily and quickly submerged in another location. This teacher tells you that in order to find what feeds you; you not only focus but act and it may surprise you when you excel beyond what you thought? These are blessings to see this and the way this bird suns itself to warm its feathers is self care allowing the fire element to warm and dry its wings before flight.Taking the time to process and then move onwards is another lesson.

Do you take the time to allow your body to adjust from the moist and cold temperatures and warm your body up or to cool down in hot temperatures to adjust during the seasonal pendulum between seasons? It is essential if you wish to take what you focused on, find nourishment (by researching, learning and having support by asking) and even expand in your environments in order to adjust to different situations. The winter and darkness is passing now of the quiet reflection and planning for the Spring in our lives is now time to get started and take action.

As we observed, like my daughter and self; that the air is important to have in the skill of rising up against any obstacles of the mind. If you see yourself limited or feeling down; look at what you are focusing on. Are you allowing external influences that bombard you with negativity affect your mental state of mind and causing imbalances to your body and also feeling unfulfilled or unachieved? This confusion is an emotional expression of sadness telling you this is not good to stay in this state of mind or being as it leads you into darkness. Step out of that pattern of unawareness of your habits or actions or non actions you are taking to contribute to your unhappiness and unfulfillment. Get started, take flight and allow the air element to support you. Without the air, we cannot rise up. We need some friction to push against and that is the determination you need and action to take for your happiness.

Well, it is a new day and remembering these teachings from the elements, the cormorant and your openness to explore, observe, focus, plan and to take action is what is the lesson for this season of Spring is. You’ve probably got some spring cleaning to do, detoxing your mind, body, and space you dwell.You are the King and Queen of your destiny and how you self care and indulge yourself is all part of nourishment. Enjoy the new possibilities of you with all that supports you and the lessons of the cormorant. Happy Spring Equinox. Namaste, Peace to you and Much love. Photo by Wikipedia


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