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Hathor's Planet and Cosmic Great One Journey 8/30/07

My new spirit name changed from ButterflyChild to Golden Lotus (the golden 1000 petaled lotus in Eastern tradition). I visited a planet of the Hathors. The Great Golden Ball of the Creator was there. I touched the ground and gave homage and Isis was in the Temple of my Personal Pyramid and I flew as a white light with the Hathors.

As I approached the Great One and was called the "Universal One." I was instructed to close my eyes upon walking towards the Great One and he/she called me to the Creator and to walk inside as I kept my eyes closed; I saw another view of a doorway with my 3rd eye. As I entered watching them and the 2 Violet Flame orbs at the end of each side glowed. I was consumed and the orbs surrounded me and filled the pathway with the Violet energy/liquid as I became that.

I was told that I was welcomed and given an insignia of the "Eye" on my forehead as it glowed white outlined light. I was a blessing for enveloping how everything is interchangeable and levitation is possible now and just being my Golden Lotus energy was all that was needed and nothing else to think about. I then stepped backwards never turning my back and respect and instructed and the doorway opened up for to exit.

Outside the Hathors changed as I walked into the Great One and then waited and changed and took me laughing joyfully to the River of Styx where Skullman saw my insignia and congratulated me and we hugged and all saw in this realm the sign and as I was taken to the Middle world again; the sign was shown an the Angelic and Elemental Kingdom recognized the insignia and so did the Council of 12 and Council of Wizards and All.

Then I went back and Isis gave me a new crown and I hugged her like a little girl as she was happy to see the insignia of the "Eye of Wisdom" and then I returned back to my earthly body and aligned and then became the Gold Lotus energy again being and gave thanks for what happened today. Blessings and Initiations of the "Eye." Namaste, Peace to you. This is who I am...believe or not. It is only what I can be at the divine time given by the Great One.


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