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Healing and Spirit Guided Instruction: Always Listen

A little over a decade ago, I also worked with the psychic school back in the day. I was told by my husband guided by Spirit to go rent a room available to do my work. I went and met the Director. They were trained Berkley Institute on Psychic teachings in CA and opened up in GA. I was told by the director that she wanted to read me in 5 minutes if that was okay. I said yes, she knew my last client dying of prostate cancer and what he looked like and some other things. I was so amazed yet glad at the same time. She asked me to work the psychic fairs they had since I was different. I took a few classes with them and it was amazing. She is the one who inspired the blog about the Mother Mary connection. Anyway, she was to go to the Body Mind Spirit expo in Gwinnett Center and needed to share half the booth. I took the other half doing my reflexology, reading, shamanism and Reiki. I was to meet a man who was my next teacher of light. An Indian Elder and as I entered to set up; he faced me in a chair the opposite direction to see me. Then I ended up at the booth unknowingly that his booth was next the half of the booth to me. He was watching me work on folks $1/minute. He then went away to teach a drum making class. A few Indians approached me and one wanted me to heal his wife. I spoke to her as Indians are hesitant and cautious and she like my energy. She never pursued me but I knew Spirit told me to say what she needed to hear to heal. Her husband cried.

I then had the next day (2-day event). Spirit told me a challenge will come to you today. You will use your gifts really fast meaning super-fast and you can do it. Anyway, he came in the form of a leather jacket and saw my $1/minute sign. The psychic school was watching me. He was rude and he said to me in disbelief that I couldn't do it. I told him after he hassled me and I remained calm to sit in my chair for free. He said do you believe in yourself? I said, "it is not me to believe in myself but do you believe in me?" He sat and I asked him to close his eyes. I always get the big macho men...oh boy. He sat as I time travel dimensions; my watches don't work after few minutes so I let Spirit tell me when I am done. I like to get direct and to the point. Anyway, my Brothers and Sisters. I saw his blue wolf come out of his heart and tell me and then I saw images of a boat with him and 2 kids and felt an emptiness that he longed for family. His wife didn't appear so I knew he was divorced. I saw him running with a watch on his wrist against Spirit and was told to tell him to take it off. It was less than a minute. I had many messages and he cried. He said the reason he gave me a hard time is because he was a chiropractor and divorced and no longer was able to do his work and he discovered this spiritual path and said it was too late. He was in his 40s. I said, the image of the Spirit wants you to walk with him as it is never too late and not run against Spirit and take the stopwatch or the watch off and you'll do fine. I told him about his power animals and messages and the boat and missing family. He cried and I apologized as no one had tissues. The psychic school was watching me and said I handled him well. He said he didn't have but a dollar left in his wallet and struggling from the divorce. He put it in my jar. I said no please take it. He cried again and then he apologized again. He went away and back he comes when the Indian elder returned to the booth next to me and was saying to him: I want you to meet this woman. She amazing. I said oh no it was Spirit. The Indian Elder said I want to sit in that chair of yours and feel the energy you do. I then said go ahead and he was my Ancient Moari Lineage Crystal healer that gave me the set he taught the class in when I went. Don't worry about the time. As it is only a phase of growth. That's one of my stories. As there was another booth across from me of 3 German brothers with sour faces that had a book. I am sure their book was valuable but the energy I got was they were misunderstood and they were disappointed so the one brother came to me and said. The reason you are healing is because you needed healing to begin with as if that was a shocker. I said Indeed we must heal ourselves in order to heal others just like you and your brothers. He stopped his I win smile at me because it was no revelation and he expected to argue and make me emotional to prove I was not understood as much as they. They just needed to smile and rewrite their book in steps I felt. Anyway, that was one day as Spirit sends me many things. Plus the macho man ended up being in the Ancient Maori Crystal class too...I dreamed of riding a whale and met a man who wore a whale on his shirt and watched recently the movie "Whale-rider."

The man with the whale shirt was in the crystal class too. The whale shirt man wanted to talk to me after class so we talked and he was so happy to have met me as he dreamed of me riding a whale in his dreams the day before so it meant something to him. I did have journeys riding the whales in New Zealand where this tribe comes from a few times seeing jade sacred stones in a river and riding the whale and the ancient oar boats with the Lineage Crystal Keeper urging to feed the whale I was to ride and then rode along this boat with oars and then she told me to get off the whale and swam to the boat as she helped me on. There are more journeys in learning of her and the crystal set I use to time travel or heal people's energy or chakras.

I healed by time travel with Shamanism from the trauma in my life and was able to meet the people without anger, sadness as soulfully we resolved and asked their mind and body what was needed for all to be in alignment and honored that. Shamanism is great. This was a busy weekend of discovery and learning with Spirit. I got introduced to tuning forks same weekend. An elder tuning fork vendor was watching me alot and I was tempted but cautious as I wanted to learn more about tuning forks for healing. She fell and hurt herself near the end and no one there to spend time as they were packing and trying to leave so I stayed and worked on her with the forks as Spirit guided me. She kept trying to get me to her workshop far away but it wasn't time and she kept it up for years. Finally via another teacher it was time and use it for pain or disperse energy and peace and healing in others with my work if guided.

Anyway, some more healing stories and discovery to share.


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