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Healing before Starting a New Relationship

If you are scarred by a relationship and need help getting over it; please realize when you lump a gender together as a negative reference over and over again that you are not get over that and spend time getting over it with counseling before trying to get into a new relationship w baggage going in it. It’s an unhealthy loop and cycle of disappointment!

You gotta clear your shit before you think it would be nice to share it and it doesn't work out because you haven't taken care of you. if you keep blame as you ally; anguish will be your partner in pain.

Love yourself and get your best self forward before you end up in disappointments. It’s hard but worth having you fully present!

I love the honesty others display their emotions and the need to recognize the issue and then get over it. It will take cycles of this to heal to be whole!

The worst thing is to keep that toxicity parked in the garage of your mind and heart and not let it go and be free to self love and empowerment! That's all and no harm meant ..just what I am witnessing as patterns to choose healing or hate or darkness and light!


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