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Healing Grief with God Thor 4/20/21

In this journey, I was told by the God Thor to journey today for healing from my grief over the loss of my Mother of unresolved issues throughout my life with her. I wished to be whole again and was instructed by Him to take my obsidian wand (wards off negativity) , my rhodonite stone (heals the grieving heart), one of my power animals - groundhog (power animal gift of looking at many ways to exit and meet challenges) and wear my owl totem necklace (medicine to heal beyond the veils of illusion) . The wind spirits were there to announce the Ancients surrounding my home with their presence of blowing synchronistically to guard me. My Temple Dragon (Guards all that do healing on the Earth for Mankind) was tall and large guarding my Sacred Body on this Journey as Thor was smaller but still towered over me and knelt down and called me daughter. Zeus calls out from Olympus encouragement (who calls me Dove - the symbol of peace) said this would be to help me move forward. Then Thor stood up as a giant tall with sword in hand and hammer. His face was the size of me as I was on the 2nd level of my deck and his face faced mine. He was my Teacher and Guardian this journey.

I then was shown this metal body cage binding of illusion and grief around my Earthly body. My Sacred Body rose high with wings of gold like a form of the Seraphim. The Seraphim are the high ranking angels that praise God. I was golden light but I had grounded and saw white light in both Sacred and Earthly bodies for this lesson. I then was told to see the Illusion of what I thought of self. I mourned and I needed to love myself to remove the obstacles of illusions and lessons with my life with my Mother. I cried and opened my mouth in rage as flames shot out & poured out over my body cage and I was ignited and the pain was being burned away with the metal guilded body cage around my body. Then 4 Phoenix’s (magical bird the symbol rebirth and renewal) were instructed by Thor to surround me. They, under the tutelage of Thor, had flames all around me to burn away this illusion that kept me heavy with grief. They were beautiful plumed orange, gold and purple. As they burned away this shell I created that nothing could reach me; then they cried tears of healing over me.

My Mother appeared greyish in fetal position asleep in a grey egg to be awakened to the main issues she could not face in real life to be rebirthed. Thor took her and myself to the Hall of MIrrors as the illusions were to be shattered by our limitations and challenges in life. We shared the same ancestral programed issues. My Mother went into the Hall of Mirrors first as I observed her and her feeling alone, unloved, not nurtured, no bed or home of her own and she had a white beam of light come out of her as she realized that she was loved and nurtured and these challenges formed her because she was a strong soul. With her white laser beam; she shattered each mirror of pain, each mirror of abandonment and lack, the lack of play and true love which she needed to feel in herself. That she was strong and powerful and needed no hammer. She was healing in vibrant color and then she was placed into the Phoenix egg shell for rebirth in the healing chambers of Heaven.

It was my turn and I was in the center of my own Illusion in the Hall of Mirrors. I saw each moment I wrote of pain and anger and aloneness and abandonment and unloved; I realized these were my own tests of strength to love myself. Thor gave his Hammer that appeared beside my right side. He told me: “Shatter the illusions as this is not true and you are loved from above always. You are supported. Feel the self love so much that the grief is dissolving and moving into transformation into Wholeness." I shattered as I picked up the Hammer easily as Spirit saw I was true to self and wanted to be Whole again shattering each lie I told myself that the earthly incidents tested my commitment to truth and wholeness loving myself.

I then was gifting my appreciation to Thor and gifted him healing perodite sword-shaped gems with pearls. He loved the gifts and said, “It is time you return to your body (earthly body).” I was immediately poured into my fleshly self and temple. I give thanks for the Thor, Temple Dragon, GroundHog, the wand and rhodonite and owl medicine. The hawk (messenger of confirmations from the Heavens and the Gods/Goddesses) calls now in real time. I am thoroughly blessed and look forward to more.

For those into crystal and stone healing; the Peridot stone healing: Alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred and greed. Reduces stress, anger and guilt. Peridot opens our hearts to joy and new relationships. It enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change.

Here are some benefits of wearing a pearl stone:

  • Pearls bring about an emotional balance to a strained mind.

  • They also help to cure insomnia, calm stressed nerves and control anger. ...

  • Pearls eliminate the ill effects of the moon and strengthen the mind.

Pearls also improve self-confidence and create positive energy.

In this journey of overcoming grief and closure of my own I hope you are able to overcome your loss of a person, place, relationship or situation that does not service you. I only wish this helps you to take a step into Wholeness and peaceful healing. My Loving Light Hugs to you. Peace to you, Namaste and Much much love.


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