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Healing Journey of Compassion for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Today is 9/9/2005 and the South American Stone of Peru from Machu Picchu gifted to me from the North Shaman Teacher and crystals of aeons of ancient wisdom and my golden moth amulet were taken into account. Both my Heavenly and Earthly Helpers guarding me on this journey to assist in healing those suffering from Hurricane Katrina.

I shape-shifted into a white hawk and morphed into a dove into the Heavens where Father Zeus stood up to welcomed me into Mt. Olympus. I stood there and face him. He showed me the vastness of the Land. I saw Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama where all was wiped clean. Purification is what he called it. There were negative energies created by man on the land that was cleansed. Those souls dead in the rooftops and elsewhere spiritually asked to leave but thier bodies misunderstood that they progress upwards into the rooftops and died with their earthly minds in anguish.

He told me: "See their angels have taken them to the Healing Center in the Heavens and not to worry. Their bodies are the shells, skin and bones and all to shed before heavenly departure happens." He mentioned the crimes that even led to murder were a plan of exit. There are many ways to exit this earth to gently remind you Beloveds reading this.