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Healing Journey of Compassion for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Today is 9/9/2005 and the South American Stone of Peru from Machu Picchu gifted to me from the North Shaman Teacher and crystals of aeons of ancient wisdom and my golden moth amulet were taken into account. Both my Heavenly and Earthly Helpers guarding me on this journey to assist in healing those suffering from Hurricane Katrina.

I shape-shifted into a white hawk and morphed into a dove into the Heavens where Father Zeus stood up to welcomed me into Mt. Olympus. I stood there and face him. He showed me the vastness of the Land. I saw Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama where all was wiped clean. Purification is what he called it. There were negative energies created by man on the land that was cleansed. Those souls dead in the rooftops and elsewhere spiritually asked to leave but thier bodies misunderstood that they progress upwards into the rooftops and died with their earthly minds in anguish.

He told me: "See their angels have taken them to the Healing Center in the Heavens and not to worry. Their bodies are the shells, skin and bones and all to shed before heavenly departure happens." He mentioned the crimes that even led to murder were a plan of exit. There are many ways to exit this earth to gently remind you Beloveds reading this.

Then Aphrodite appeared as Zeus commented: "What is need is love, to love myself and she was working with other as well during this catastrophic period of time in humanity. He asked his Sister - Aphrohodite to hug me and cradle me to felt the love.

Zeus said, "I am pleased you are honest about not knowing everything and working on getting knowledge by ordering the angel book from Doreen Virtue.

However, there was a stage of healing in this crisis by exemplifications of the Goddess in divine order.

Stage 1: Universally Demeter - goddess of Emotions was working now

Stage 2: Goddess Sekhmet of Anger, the Lioness Goddess

Stage 3: Erynese the Goddess of Crisis were working hand in hand with

Stage 4: Kali (Goddess of Fear) and then comes

Stage 5: Maebe after the other stages of these Goddesses evolve in this catastrophe as the Goddess of Responsibility and then finally in the end

Stage 6: Kuan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) is the last stage of healing of humanity.

Stage 7: Goddess of Grief - Coatlique for all lost

Zeus went on to say the: "We cannot rush our work here!" Simultaneously, Aphrodite appears to spread the love vibrations. He showed me a hall of elegance and long table where all Gods and Goddesses of all realms sat. Pan was there (God of Music and Play) playing songs to lighten everyone's heart through this grief lessons via Coatlique was working through all of us as the universal lesson is to explain all this unfortunate event. Zeus went onto say "All needed to feel the joy in their hearts and you shall sing "ah" from the time to time (Sound therapy and toning of the heart chakra). Everyone has a particular note we are born with revealed to me."

I could sense my Tree Sister/Teacher was sickly and I sent heart energy (green chakra) to her envision it surrounding her. She felt well. The Goddess of Surrender - Yemaya approached me to give her all that I didn't need to rebirth her energy again. She became sickly as well (empath) and I sent her green light and she continued to do her work. She thanked me and I thanked her for her work with me and Chrysalis my Tree Sister that inspires me to journey dimensions via Shamanic teachings.

The Lesson:

Zeus continued the lesson by showing me a dirty cup of water full of filth, dirt and debris. He told me: "It was an illusion and man's mind made this dirty." Now he said, "Clear your thoughts that there is no debris in this cup and the water became clear by intention. I was grateful for this lesson was valuable and so was it an illusion that our skin, belief and location were false information of separation because we are ONE. He agreed and advised man: "Take care of these souls but also in your neighborhood, circles of locality especially in your home, your place of worship, clubs, organizations, etc. and emanate this love that attaches to each other because we are a WEB and our circles are the golden droplets of warmth/love and compassion in this WEB and we are all linked by tiny threads of the ONE." He went on to say: "We cannot take care of others faraway and neglect the ones closer to us (balance). We have to be strong in the space we are in before we can strengthen others. We cannot neglect neighbors and ourselves. No choices but again priority and balance to achieve this."

Father Zeus confirmed that the Heaven and Earth connection happened with my work and me living my Spirit new name "Blue Thunder." Goddess of Alchemy and Mothering - Isis appeared as a winged Phoenix illuminated with golden and pink light to emphasize this work that was done via journeying today. She is one Goddess that holds space for me. The Phoenix is a fabled bird that cries tears to heal the Earth. She was crying Tears of Transformation on all to heal. Zeus went on to say: "Our tears are our transformations and cleansing of releases." I then exited the lesson learned and healing done by transforming into a white dove and went back to Earth to my earthly body to infuse what my sacred body absorbed to share. Namaste and thanks. to All.


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