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Healing Medicine of the Woodpecker 5/17/21

Such a glorious morning that Father Sun exuded the energizing warming to cleanse, release and fill our empty spaces into wholeness. It was the Ancients calling me again of the land, air, earth and water of all that is seen and unseen in the Pure Light to play a few sound healing instruments to honor them all for this journey thus far. The trees and the air played together dancing to help announce the Ancients presences again.

I was instructed to take the small Tibetan brass bowl and the wooden carved frog percussion and the rattle. I rattle the 7 directions and the Woodpecker sat there in front of a tree directly in front of me. It was enjoying the solitude and I was to do do the ‘drumming’ instead of this blessed bird of psychic confirmation and stimulation and also the walking the path “drumming to the beat of a different drum.” How refreshing to be part of this lesson.

I then played the percussion frog in tunes of warrior soldiers who walk before their battle. It was a battle between light and darkness on Earth. I shook my rattle to cleanse by calling on the Primordial Tribes to help directed each and every human, non human, animal, plant, crystal/stone and Mother Earth to utilize this time to focus on releasing all that does not empower us into Father Sun whose energy burned through us into our crown and into the root chakra. It was a beaming reminder that light is always shining whether moon or sun appearing.

The woodpecker listened intently to the rhythms and made no effort to drum it’s own beak into the tree it rested upon. It was a large one and it fluffed its feather’s enjoying the cooling air form the Ancient and nature spirits and relaxed it’s head. Then I play the small brass Tibetan bowl

Tapping gently and then playing the round of increasing it’s own voice to speak and permeate the peace we all needed to replace the spaces and places in this world and our own inner world and physical world in ties to the emotional, sexual and astral bodies.

It was a very pleasing and gentle clearing of all that is not of light especially in the heart area/chakra. It was relaxing and the Father Sun continued to bath and support me and us in this ritual of gratitude, healing and light.

Then it was time to just rattle in a final cleansing motion energies beyond the physical yet the physical was being cleansed simultaneously. It was so soothing and the energy was so loving and warming to the mind, body and soul and other energetic bodies/ bodies embraced by the Sun.

It was if Sun was smiling and it smiles beamed and soak up areas needed for all and the conflicting areas on the globe or universal areas. It was wiping deep ancestral spirits of generations in areas that needed healing and their present living ancestors. I continued to shake until Spirit said it was done. I hope that all were released in their suffering, misjudgment, misery, bitterness and hate and given the gift of peace, harmony and acceptance, joy and happiness in truth and healing the ancestors living here and onwards. May the balance of the Heaven and Earth and Masculine and Feminine Divine be balanced within each and every one of us. May we no longer torture, jail, violate other living beings on this earth and let us not think we are so high to be above our Earth family universally. Namaste, Peace to You.


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