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Healing Messages from Chief Golden Eagle, Robert Johns, Asc. Master Jesus & Universe 7/19&7/20/21

Ever since a spiritual writer and teacher - Robert Johns has existed in my world; it has made a difference in confirming what Spirit teaches him, me and all of us in synchronicity. He shared a youtube video of the passed Chief Golden Eagles’ messages of honoring our women, honoring the woman who bore us and our women relations and the woman inside of us. He talked of how Father Sun is also a Feminine energy (balance) and different gender oriented spiritualities we believe are only masculine and feminine. It seems there is a need to know each separately but the solution and resolution is within our men to embrace the feminine within themselves. This is so important. Our women must help them in their struggle to release the separations in men’s self perspective and societies to embrace that side and encourage it. Not to shame them in the process of developing and shedding old tales we have told ourselves.

I then was being told a few days ago to reflect on the Father Sun is Mother Sun as Chief Golden Eagle revealed on my own a couple days ago. How Mother Moon is also Father Moon. We used to think that Heaven and Earth separate dimensions and it is not only Heaven and Earth but other planets or other universes and their planets of that and Heaven to broaden our perspective. You may deny this but we are not alone as varied as our life exists here in types of living beings here...there is much out there as well. How we accept and learn instead of imposing on ourselves, loved ones and society will tell our readiness to expand our understanding and peaceful unity.

As days passed on, the cathartic healing was taking place of releasing my old past with illusions of permanence with the small tales of victimhood. Situations I was placed in to see how committed I was to my and and evolve like the souls along my life journey with me. I was releasing for a few days and Ascended Master Jesus told me that today was a good day to meditate as he saw the need to heal me. He calls me Beloved alot. He has been with me throughout my life even as a child to console me. He told me that he would take me to do Shadow work. Shadow work is done in a realm of deep inner reflection and releases and rebirth of the old self. My Shadow work is done frequently and it is in the realm called the Underworld. It is not hell but a place deep within that allows us privacy to do our work without distractions.

As I grounded and asked the 4 Archangels to guard my earthly body; my seraphim sacred body rose up as white gold with 6 wings and I asked my jaguar and groundhog to come with me. They were my dominant power animals who are partners in this journey in my life now. My jaguar had a groundhog on its back. The jaguar is the no fear and mystical cat who does deep work and the ground hog’s power is to see many angles of life and healing. I asked Ascended Master Jesus to ride but he said, “No Beloved, I just think to the realm and I go.” He arrived waiting for me as my Underworld is a dormant volcano with the River Styx.

Ascended Master Jesus told me before landing that it is essential the Lord Ayahuasca and my Skullman who crosses over the River Styx the dead to nirvana not to meet ever. There, for the time being, these realms are separated for the sake of all. He had me land quietly dimming my light and not make a sound and he made it so both Lord Ayahuasca and Skullman did not see me. His light dimmed as well and there was a Cauldron of Life (it is a symbol of life, death and renewal of the old self).

I appeared like a bunch of roots, not a human body form but of unearthed roots merged together with soft moist earth on its edges with cloak crying and mourning. Ascended Master Jesus told me to look into the Cauldron (‘scrying’ to see psychically). He then pointed his hand to me and like a window shade movement of my rooted creature body was pulled down and my human body was clean appearing but it was a heavy and hard task for him as I was holding on. So then he told me to get into the Cauldron as the humanless root like mourning tree roots being. He then pushed my head in to see clearer. I then was to dive in and the Cauldron enlarged to hold my rooted creature like body. Jesus told me that I could breath and water would not fill my nasal passages or lungs and I was looking into the depth of the Cauldron and my head hung forward. He was healing me like the window shade feeling over and over again and then I was clear except there with tube-like roots from the head with connectors of mourning and darkness. Jesus removed these and filled the connectors with light and placed a lotus crown, the symbol of Higher Self, on the 8th chakra for spiritual messages and interactions.

He then had me go back to my earthly body immediately in silence without disturbing the Skullman and Lord Ayahuasca into my earthly body for this healing. He reminded me that the Lotus story was it grew it’s roots deep into the earth through the muck and the lotus opens sundown..the beginning of the time of quiet meditative reflections with the moon energy to hold this thought of using the Higher Self to think from and remind myself when needed to complete the process of healing time and time again into wholeness.

This is the self journey in the process of becoming whole and victimless. Much love and thank you for reading my journey and hope this helps you in any way. Namaste.


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