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Healing with Sound

Dear Ones;

Sound Healing is an ancient healer since the times of Atlantis. It is the theory that sound vibrations break up blocked energy and changes the brain chemistry to a relaxed state of being and benefits the body in complete peace.

The commonly used sound healing is with crystal or singing bowls or Tibetan metal bowls. The energy you need to release depends on the type of healing to take place. Your intuitiveness helps to connect to yourself and meditate and ask for guidance from Spirit for the energies present. There are other instruments that can be used to enhance the experience and sound healers are certified by teachers depending on the types of sound instruments used. I was certified for singing bowls, bells, and gongs and then tuning forks as well.

Many Sound Healers enhance their experience with ancient or combination of modern musical instruments presented in a calm way to relax the mind and free the soul of stress, anxiety or any negative emotions.

Through my experiences; there are certain bowls I play that relieve brain injury pain or chronic pain. I have been told this by chronic pain folks after my sessions are done. Others are relieved on some part of the body if Spirit guides me to go one on one with tuning fork or rainstick or other instruments depending on the energies of the group or person I am guided.

Sometimes, I am guided to story tell and play a 'code' of sequence to enhance the purpose or intention of sound with the meditational story. If I want to calm them is great but if the energy is too stagnant and needs to move then I use gongs and drums to move the energy faster and raise the vibrations of a melancholy energy or mood as instructed by Spirit.

Some folks use chanting but I do Gregorian Chants and limit that as other use Hindu Chants to utilize as part of the their healing. Others will sing without words or chant "Om" as well. Whatever brings you peace with sound is all good. The Sound Healer is not always your cup of tea because there are diverse ones in this community.

At times, before I had all my sound instruments; I received a large Crystal Bowl D# for the 2nd chakra and Goddess Bowl/Mother Bowl. I sing the Goddess song at times and use sound to heal the earth, to heal a room, to heal a chakra or to enhance a weakened chakra after I have cleansed darkness or energetic debris with permission of course. Sometimes, when a person is dying; I use the 4th - heart chakra bowl and a combo of the 7th - crown chakra bowl to assist accessing the higher self and higher vibrational helpers. As time progresses, certain Ascended Masters, Gods/Goddesses, mythological beings, saints or sages appear next to me helping me with their healing 'flames' and my power animals are with me. My angels and guides are a given accompaniment to my healing.

Sound is something that eases and removes debris of stagnancy. Sound like music can uplift, relax or energize depending on the intention and purpose set by the individual or Spirit and I discuss intentions over and over again in all types of healings.

Sometimes, sound is used to clear each chakra and sometimes people report a release and vision or colors or entities removed as I have my other pure light helpers escort the negatives out of the room not to harm anyone else or remain. I don't know about you; but we don't have time for darkness. We have time for light, love and to evolve.

Just keep in mind; not all Sound Healers are certified, not all Sound Healers have the same instruments and they may have other gifts they intentionally set for the group to experience by expressing their intention and if that 'sounds' good to you; then go for it. There are many sound healings to experience as much as there are different souls on this earth and we all don't feel the same way all the time. You choose; you evolve with the sound. Enjoy the journey.


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