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Healing with Tuning Forks

Hello Beloveds;

I hope all is well in your world. Peace to you and much loving light prayer hugs for you and all you love and even those you do not. It is important to make intentions of healing all of us so we are in harmony and united.

I learned tuning fork healing with Delores Devore who was with the International Sound Therapy Association back in my 40s.

It is now completely run differently and hoping covid and creativity that some classes can be taught even through zoom.

I had learned that she has many collections used for different types of healing for the physical, spiritual and mental and energetic vibrations. That there are forks that heal etherically and the chakras and planetary elements that others may be sensitive to or need a clearing to connect to their pure light helpers in 3rd, 4th and even access light wisdom with 5th dimensions.

Delores is a mathematician so she does talk of the Fibonacci and there are set with that. There is the solfeggio set as well and other sets. I have an OM fork set. Some are weighted with discs because the tuning cannot be carried is the actual length of them to heal would outstretch too far for packing.

She had us learn to tap effectively without hurting ourselves or with the tapper provided or sold separately. She had the resources to purchase these forks as well. I have a set of aluminum alloy steel. It is wonderful.

It is quiet useful when a person is in pain and sensitive to bodily touch. I use the vibration to clear the areas of the body I sense blocked but you can do chakra healing on the body. I also use techniques raised above the body different movements intuitively guided. First know the body and work with it and then try above. Sometimes, a person can be treated with the vibration but at a low and gentle application. I use the tuning forks on acupressure or meridian points as guided in my session for the highest good. You cannot judge the gentleness because like in Reiki the gentleness is a wonderful way to heal. Like in Japan, some folks like hard touch because culturally that means you are doing a good job. However, you do not need hard touch and sometimes, someone not in tune with their body loves hard touch or maybe a athlete or someone who doesn’t stretch and needs the maintenance and to ‘feel’ the work on them.

To each his own. My touch is varied in session depending on what body tells me. I go instinctively to places I have been trained in body work for more effective and needed work. All I ask is the person be clean, have set an intention for healing in pure light and ask their pure light helpers to help mine do the work together we are a team.

Some times, the main issue on the person is a tuning fork that needs to be heard first and applied or waived on top or moved in motions of clearing of gently lifting or dissipating. If in need; I utilized these methods during Reiki, sound heal and to relieve joint pain or other ailments that needs a little boost in removing and healing the issue. It may take several session if chronic but regular maintenance is needed. Once a week for about 4 to 6-8 weeks at one hour sessions. Or when strong enough to go once a month. It is a course we allow clients to choose their ultimate plan of healing. Healing is a combination of the dimensions, self like mind, body and soul. I access your pure light helpers including your Ancestors if pertaining to the session. If they are not pertaining to your session of intention; I ask they leave or come back another time or sit quietly aside and be an observer to not interrupt the pure light flow.

Well, this is my experience using tuning forks. Much love and hope this helps you understand. Also when I used to talk alot in my meditations; we are born with a note we love to hmmm when stressed or happy. We all have a special note that eases us. We also have nots or chants for each chakra to investigate on your own. I wish you good health in all your mind body and spirit healing self. We are energetic vibrations and need a little help with the tuning forks to bring us back to center.

Thank you Delores Devore and hope to see you soon teaching us beautiful work about these instruments of healing and sound. Much love.


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