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Heart Lessons from the Groundhog 2/1/2020

Heart Lessons from the GroundhogLessons of the Groundhog Blessed to meditate and journey with my Groundhog friend into Mother Earth and she showed me the familiar area I access Her heart by listening to the beat of it in the caverns deep below the surface. There is the the living river like the arteries of the heart that flow with LOVE. It was such a needed visit.

The Groundhog told me there were many ways to access the heart. You are a heart energy and needed to understand with this animal's medicine you can overcome the the song "too high you can't get over it, so low you can't get under it, so wide you can't get around it...oh rock of my soul." The Groundhog took me to tunnels beyond to view the heart from outside how others see us in their truth but is it really truth. Appearances and opinions are not the truth but only a perspective. Then I heard Her heartbeat and my eyes filled with tears at this awakening again.

Then the Groundhog led me to a pathway way below and crawl into a space. I was dressed in my flowing gown and it caught on some sharp rocks and shed these to be my natural self. She told me that I am not what I wear or appear. I followed the Groundhog as it called to me to follow and then told me that sometimes you must shape-shift to explore new way of being and I turned into a snake. My Groundhog told me as I followed as a huge snake; that it was scared of my form and not to stay in it too long...LOL. I squeezed with easy through narrowed passageways under the cavern and into a clearing where I was on the other side of Mother Earth's heart again a new angle to see the heart.

The Groundhog told me not to forget she was not a beaver as I confused the image sometimes always searching for a stone in the shape of the groundhog. It is so amusing the Groundhog day is coming for the longer or shorter winter that this journey is happening. The Groundhog continued its lesson telling me the ability of finding new ways of seeing, being and experiencing different angles of life were part of its medicine. I then bowed and expressed gratitude as She asked me to read more about her abilities and medicine to dig deeper 2020.

She also showed me people who hurt my heart or thought to use me to their advantage or pleasure that learned that it was not possible. I expressed the responsibility to them to mend ways with me was not through others but through themselves with sincerity and realness of change/transformation of their own pain in their heart/mind and there was one that wanted to overpower me and demand I love them again the same unhealthy way and challenged the Groundhog and then it was not afraid but used the medicine the Groundhog had an ally & he would understand the BEAR who got into his face and he sat back down in shame. My Pure Light Helper is Merciful appeared - The one who tears apart darkness in form or appearance is the ability when called upon or He feels my need or urgency to intercede. Merciful made sure as we proceeded away that he told this person that I was more merciful than him and that he could tear him apart and darkness was not allowed in this journey to back down and be in the light. He obeyed Merciful.

As we continued my lesson, Groundhog said that you needed to learn boundaries to set with your heart and to conserve and protect it and not give away so easily and wait and study the energy and their intentions. It was a blessing to hear this. My journey with Groundhog was a very good one to see me as I am now, embrace me and embrace the Wisdom of the Groundhog and keep my dedication to those only who wish to do positive things for themselves with the space and words of inspiration that flow through me from Pure Light. I then returned poured into my earthly body and grounded to share this journey with you. I am honored and grateful to the Groundhog. More Light Wisdom to share. Namaste, Peace to you, Aho!

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