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Honor Plant & Animal Medicines by Honoring Yourself

In order to utilize plant and animal medicine when trying to overcome obstacles when all else fails. I would try spending time in nature, breathing working or listening to your heart beat and getting grounded. Being like a tree rooted and getting the nutrients to peace through your combined roots with the tree. I would also recommend trying to leave your television, radio and music or videos access and phone off for at least a week. Don’t carry it around with you and make it an attachment that controls your view of life. I would try stretching, walking and yoga and exercise without a thought of competition but of well-being and oneness of self.

Plant and Animal medicine must be studied how the tribes used it, how they administered, processed and ingest it. Was it harmful to the plant or animal? Was it honored by you studying and asking questions about it’s side affects, the benefits and antidotes if taken improperly. First of all and then research the character and ways of the person/Shaman administering these. Are they ethical in views of the plant and people they administer. Do you feel or hear a positive and calm information that matches what you have learned on your own research? Also learn the cultural ways that the plant medicine is learned from by the tribes by their ceremonies. Just for my own preference; I like to research the Shaman or Facilitator or Administer and a small intimate group 8 or less but others like large.

You then, at home, create a ceremony when you are sure of your intentions formed after journaling and researching and asking questions. Respect of oneself and the intentional purpose of the union with these plants or animal medicines is important to light a candle for 7 days that is white or burn copal, sage, etc. that clear your energy on your empowerment table of items that give you peace, clarity and positive light along with your request of pure light helpers to help assist you with the plant medicine honoring both of you in union. Then understanding you are going to learn in light wisdom spiritually in your guarded sacred body and return to your guarded earthly body in peace and light wisdom. Then thanking the administrator or shaman with researched gifting or despacho /payment for their facilitation of plant or animal medicine with your own sacred ceremony in the privacy of your home of gratitude and journal this.

This is your personal journey and very important you understand all that you are surrounded with, have ingest and experiences is sacred and divine. Whatever floats your boat and there are those who use meditation and openness to all that is created in Pure Light Wisdom and learning.

It is important that you maintain your body, mind and spirit and how you choose to do this is with intention. Intention of pure light wisdom will be the most life changing and satisfying journey towards growth. Mind you, growth is not always butterflies and roses; but releases in darkness, emotions and being truthful and sincere about your own work towards positive transformations.

Many blessings of growth be your goals. Hugs and Namaste.


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