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Hotspots and Old Belief Systems Need Our Healing 5/23/21

Dear Beloveds;

We understand that our peace and freedoms come with sacrifices, with change and mutual respect and agreement that we are created from the same Source of Love as any living being on this planet that dwells here.

The history of wars and disruptions, the supply of our military sacrificing for a cause and resources, the media and its way of influencing us and supplying or withdrawing basic needs and weapons influences our thoughts. We see this with the militarizing of the police in our world and the attention the injustice unspoken, hidden, covered up can no longer be unseen. The Divine is to surface all darkness within and bring light to it but not only seeing what needs to be done but to get us in unity that changes need to happen for mutual freedoms, safe spaces for homes, hospitals, health care, education and worship and the needs of common utilities provided for us to thrive together.

There is a false belief that living off the land requires withdrawal from all because of this chaotic and disruptive thinking that ownership of the land and taking what is needed without mutual agreement is best for those who can conquer and use military force. That we need to train each person as a ‘soldier’ will bring us safety and peace. We have lost our sight of brotherly love and equality of only the good. Why must we condemn those with tactics of separation, hate and force with the same issues that bring us to where our ancestors are that we were inflicted upon? Why do we judge each other? The military is also to serve the country of civilians as well and military by utilizing their skills they are educated in like building hospitals, water lines, dispersing emergency supplies, giving basic supplies, building homes and helping in natural catastrophes is a Service in Light.

Why in times of disruptions; do we turn on our own local citizens because of their faith and culture or accent, dressing or color of their skin to blame for problems abroad? There is no need to punish those locally here that didn’t cause the issues in other countries for pandemic, for war, for loss of life. Our agendas need to turn upon our own self introspection? Are we programmed by our elders, our invisible links to our ancestor’s influences passed down from PTSD from other wars? Are we not understanding our unhealed Ancestors can implant these unnecessary judgments, vendettas and survival methods to our living generations and cause a question of this with our youth today? The Ancestors who died in these areas in large quantities are the hotspots to heal the earth, the spaces and it is a programmed energy we feel when we enter these places that influences our behavior. If you feel unsettled in an area without any knowledge; it is your body and soul telling you that something happened here that needs light and love healing. This is your opportunity to cleanse what you can in prayerful intention and light work or putting crystals in the soil and asking Archangel Hilarion and Archangel Michael the soldier Angel to heal and have the energies lifted and wandering souls from traumatic death to be escorted to the Healing Chambers of Heaven.

Memorial Day is an example of giving honor to those military folks who need the healing and their families but also for the civilians involved without choice into these hotspots. Do not create more hotspots here by terrorizing and attacking, blaming and killing those who happen to come from these hotspots innocently living amongst us. Why do we demonize others because of unrest in another country that are in our country? Don’t you understand that this country is a safe haven for many and opportunity. We are closing the gap to this image of the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses yearning to breathe FREE….” We have forgotten this.

I would then sit in group meditations and gain perspectives of peace and what is needed for peace? Do we need more weapons? Do we need cooperation? Do we need time to understand that lost art of dialogue? Do we need to learn to listen without defensiveness or accusatory methods? When we are supplied with many weapons; we have learned here by the police that some of this can influence the power of serving the people into ruling the people and making decisions based on a judgmental and forceful way because by our own psychology we can turn to darkness from cooperation, truth and service to servicing their own needs of false power and respect with force. When we have no weapons on each side to pull out easy like a trigger happy person; then we are opening up to dialogue and open the doors to healing and resolve and letting go of the painful things we have done to others we so condemn in other countries or spaces on this planet. Let’s join together for a peaceful resolve and focus on peaceful protests and the rights of all people to ask not only what you need to do for your country but for the globe to have a high quality life that is freedom and all that is deserving of truth and abundance for all.

This is the Masculine energy of strength and stamina this has lost touch with the Feminine energy of expression and compassion. We need this recognized within each and every one of us that to be whole we must honor both energies we all have within and move from a balanced method of resolve with others locally, nationally, internationally and globally. This goes across the board of all faiths and spiritualities and borders.

Let us try to use our crystals as well of quartz and utilize our wands to open only with clear and pure intention the portals of these hotspots with protection of our different selfs within and clear the darkness and call upon our Pure Light Helpers, Archangel Hilarion and Archangel Michael and any pure lights that create healing for the earth like Archangel Uriel and utilize their graced gifts of goodness to heal the hotspots together by sending healing light and green heart energy to that spot and each person denied the freedom to live in peace and thrive alongside our brothers and sisters who are living a life that is of pure purposeful peace and freedom because we all deserve this. Then after closing the healed portal we cleanse ourselves individually and in community mediation and prayer to emphasis more of this instead of focusing on the expansion of the problem. We spend too much time revisiting over and over again the issues that need healing instead of moving forward in positive movement to heal TOGETHER.

Let us pray our ancestors who follow us to other lands influencing us because they were never healed be asked to call upon their Angels and we call upon their Angels to escort them to the Heavenly Chambers of Healing where forgiveness, peace, healing and love and the truth of purpose be called upon. I wish you well in this endeavor of peace, freedom and resolve. This is a prayer or intention we commit to everyday and you will see the transformation if our faith is truly towards peace and freedom for all in UNITY.

Thank you and be the person you want others to be with...peace and freedom with gratitude for your blessings thus far. May you live with positive movement in this transformation that is calling us to resolve on purpose with eyes open to truth & forgiveness. Much love.


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