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How Success Should not be Measured

Hello Beautiful Ones;

Time to self-check ourselves about what is success? No one can measure success in life by old standards, scores or trophies. It is the satisfaction of one’s own accomplishment. It is done with inner childlike wonder to explore. When you have the freedom to playfully explore; you have no room to judge. Judgment is not an accurate measurement to use for success.

Success can be varied depending on how ‘programmed’ we are from our different ways we were taught from childhood. Sure success is more like a warm hearted embrace of your self discovered passions. It is the patience to try different things, to be open to learning.

Once we understand that success doesn’t always equate monetary gain but abundance from hard work to achieve their passions and then the monetary will follow. Don’t pressure yourself to make a living while in the exploratory mode and play and learn and learn and play. Then when you enjoy it; you improve and want to keep improving because you have a focus without pressure. Then you can decide is this a hobby or now you are ready to rese