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How Success Should not be Measured

Hello Beautiful Ones;

Time to self-check ourselves about what is success? No one can measure success in life by old standards, scores or trophies. It is the satisfaction of one’s own accomplishment. It is done with inner childlike wonder to explore. When you have the freedom to playfully explore; you have no room to judge. Judgment is not an accurate measurement to use for success.

Success can be varied depending on how ‘programmed’ we are from our different ways we were taught from childhood. Sure success is more like a warm hearted embrace of your self discovered passions. It is the patience to try different things, to be open to learning.

Once we understand that success doesn’t always equate monetary gain but abundance from hard work to achieve their passions and then the monetary will follow. Don’t pressure yourself to make a living while in the exploratory mode and play and learn and learn and play. Then when you enjoy it; you improve and want to keep improving because you have a focus without pressure. Then you can decide is this a hobby or now you are ready to research what else is involved to make a business out of this.

One example is my husband and I were in the fashion design industry. He made great designs when he was in his teens and went to school. He learned sewing techniques and then went from men’s designs to women’s designs. He saw the versatility in women’s clothing back then in the 1980s. After that he attended fashion design school after obtaining his degree from University of Arizona in Business Management. He was a natural marketer and photographer. He learned working for LA Fashions with the best seamstresses that were Korean. He learned different techniques and travelled to England, France and Italy for his passion. It was way too competitive in Los Angeles, CA.

There he met fellow designers and delved into making his own high fashion belts and jewelry.

He was written up in a local magazine in one of the stores in the Shopping District called the Brompton Arcade across from Harrod’s where the royal family visited. It was an exciting time and he walked door to door selling his designs. It was hard work and he made enough money to obtain a flat and live for 3 years and then went back to the United States to raise a family.

I helped him by being his model and making jewelry he designed with him. I could not work outside and earn good money so we were a duo.After a few companies stealing & not compensating him on his designs; we settled in Georgia to start again. I had already had corporate office experience through my high school program. So I returned to the corporate setting while he researched which franchises he would want to be in.

He decided that carpet cleaning without chemicals was great. We flourished serving the rich and famous. We were written up in the ‘Atlanta Business Chronicle’ twice.When 9-1-1 happened; we we were no longer called upon by stereotypes of my husband’s features and his savvy business knowledge. So we ventured into real estate.We rented our old home and there it started to grow.We were landlords to a few properties. He sold, rented and bought properties or land. After a while, we both grew out of this business but it helped us put our kids in private schools and be loan free for their education and travel places on the globe to understand beyond the Southern thinking. So we always instilled entrepreneurial and free thinking & creative outlets with our kids. We helped them explore avenues in art and music of their own creations and our son’s events and promotions as well. We celebrated their passion and explorations.

I myself, was naturally drawn into healing and took certifications & courses to be able to service those with heartfelt healing needs. At the same time, making sure to be involved in my husband’s businesses, telemarketing, making appointments, inventory, invoicing, bookkeeping & keeping supplies clean. Also, creating pilot cultural arts programs after school. Then also taking care of our kids and Mother-in-Law.

Our family never stops creating as our son is an herbalist, writes music and has a Business Hospitality Management degree who helps artists. Our daughter encourages her music students with the degree in psychology and sociology by teaching music lessons and creates music and edits films or audio stories of my own spiritual messages.

Today, we have a background of having an arts and wellness center where we had many types of creative events, sound healing, workshops and gallery events as well as concerts from around the world. Now we are authors, travel and explore different spiritualities in our travels.

When we travel; it has been a joy to experience people where they are, how they think, dress, value and eat and enjoy music and arts. We immerse ourselves in life and all its creative expressions even in nature we admire all that is.

Life is beautiful when you have passion in you and live it. I hope this inspires your exploration, joy and learning something you’ve wanted to do just to do it and flourish or find it is something just for your own intimate pleasure. Don’t hide your beauty when you’ve been complimented on what you create. Share it and don’t think about who loves it. Allow others to be encouraged without fear and use freedom and your childlike wonder will lead you there. Remember to laugh at your mistakes and keep going. No matter what; you’ve learned what you are good at and tried it. Action, not just dreaming. Live your life to its full potential.Live with gratitude and be real how much time and effort needs to be taken in a comfortable pace of self love. Don’t rush the process.

Wishing you happy journeys in self exploration and discovery with self love.


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