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How to Interpret Dreams by Blue Thunder

Dear Ones;

I hope you are enjoying the journeys that take out the blockages of separation of space and time and dimensions and pure light helpers from all around the universal dimensions. We can weave between dimensions and even dream state. If you have read some of my journeys; I can visit the dimension, the living person's energy form visits me for healing unconsciously because in real time; their soul knows they would reject it but only through this way they are comfortable. I do not summon them or force anyone but the energy in their soul must be the one to decide and then I am approached. I tell my family, clients and friends: before going to bed; to pray for pure light and grounding and fill yourself with peace and ask your angels and protectors not only to protect your body and mind and soul but your astral body. You are a vessel as Archangel (AA) Raphael says and what you fill it with; you become.

During my studies and life; I have received very vivid dreams with guides past and emerging ones and teachers from past lives. At times the dreams may be a pre information to or added information to a journey to a dimension.

Dreams are energetic messages and possibilities for others to visit you that miss you dead or alive. It is a chance that your guide gives you clues or takes you on a journey by observation or participation. Remember, dreams interpret our deep focus, fears or dreads and joy. Sometimes, dreams have symbols that means something or gives a feeling about you or the person who you interpret dreams. Please practice in gest with light heart and tell people you are learning and try. Even if you make a mistake; get a dream book or google a reliable dream symbol site. This will then help you become more confident.

People's dreams express their need to know or struggle and the people who have or pets in their lives that have given them meaning. Dreams are the safety zone to heal from trauma but if so bad; to see a therapist. They give you understanding how you weave your story in life and your next journey. Do not judge a dream as the concrete feeling into the present. Some dreams may be about something worrisome or dreadful that means the opposite. You have to look at the objects and research your dream book or reference. Try reviewing several dream references. This is how you start to understand dreams.

Sometimes, you don't need any of these because you know the person so well and what meaning or objects means to them to interpret what they are thinking about lately or their growth so far. Do not put fear in people's minds and try to give information that they can take as a person in real time can alter their outcomes by the energies they mingle with and it can change. It's just like energy reading someone; that energy is for that period of time and can be altered by the Grace of Spirit or your Guardian Angels.

If you wish to keep a dream journal; I always recommend it as a Spiritual Journey Journals of Journeys, visions and dreams and write it down as dream, vision or journey and date it. It is your Manual of Life when you encounter issues that remind you of that feeling or experience looping and how you can cope with it.

Dreams give you the ability to try to unwind a sequence and undo much later and also you can respond in kind to a comment or deny if you feel strongly. It is the time for truth as it is no bars held. You are not only the observer, participator and the changer if you so do so. I have told people that dreams don't mean you cannot negate an untruth claimed and you can. Many did not know that and then you can feel the energy change within you by being the Warrior in your life in dream state and living waking state. Some people have recurring dreams as messages to take action or rewind and undo if unpleasant or testing your commitment to yourself and want you to announce it and take action.

This is the invitation if so desired to explore for yourself or to assist others. Dreams are not always something others share as well so never force a person to tell you their dreams or interpret them just because you want to. Permission, boundaries and respect with clear intention is the way to peaceful and understanding resolves. If the answer is no; you must honor their choice. It is our choice in this life as Christ said, "Thy will be done." You follow this sage and simple advice and you will serve God/Goddess well and your community.

Enjoy the journey as it will keep going no matter if we are flesh in this life or the next. Our soul is eternal. Peace to you my Brothers and Sisters and much much loving light hugs.


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