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I AM Meditation (short & sweet) reblog

Wednesday, 7/18/18 Blue Thunder Meditation - I AM the Light (Burn Bright): "I AM part of the Light of Divine Perfection. I AM the Light and it is inside and all around me. No space for Darkness."

In this meditation, the theme was working with the the Light. The Light of Divine Perfection and Source of Creation. As we grounded, breathed in peace like an ocean wave like the waters of the ocean, we imagined that we grounded and connected into Mother Earth. As our Sacred body went to a space and time where a large ball of Light appeared as we floated to it. It is the Light of Divine Perfection. This Light envelopes you and you enter into the Light. You are a part of this Light and you are Divine and Sacred. In this Light, there are no blockages, no doubt, no fear and no anxiety or stress and anything you need to release into this Bliss is released as you are feeling and breathing in Pure Light.

It's purity is enhancing as your light is increased after each release. Breath in this Light. Be in It and Be It. You are the Light and there's no space for Darkness or Negativity. You become aware and remember the Sacred you are. You say to yourself 'I AM....(fill in the blank) truth, a leader, teacher, warrior, compassionate, patient...(Whatever is the strongers you've been complimented on Being Who You Are and Feeling the Bliss and Satisfaction of the moment and seems to repleat itself or a label of empowerment/endearment)

. The Light cannot be diminished and can not be destroyed. You are the Light and the Divinity...awaken into your Earthly body and bind together into one. Now you are able to walk in your path and trust in the certainty and Light you are. You are meant to share it and encourage the Pure Light of Divine Perfection by Be-ing It. Much much loving light hugs. Burn bright! Namaste.


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