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I and You Becoming We: Relationships

June 30, 2019 | Blue Thunder I AND YOU BECOMING WE: (RELATIONSHIPS) It is interesting human nature to share and confide about a process of pain or challenges in communications to overcome in any type of friendship or relationship and assist in their healing by being vulnerable at the time. For me and Love being open about the ups and downs of our lives is just a process of working through the downs and moving into the ups. We are not afraid of exploring the relationship we have together in transforming into understanding as we are both passionate folks...creatives. We don't think ugly should be hidden or if non-clarity is the issue. It's this openness to be real in all aspects of ourselves and with each other. Other's have seen both the journey to release and transformation at to the betterment of our relationship. Don't be confused about how the process works for you and yours; it's journey of self discovery in a relationship. When you are young and single; you have the identity of self constantly emphasized and you live by it but in a relationship you tear down the walls of your world to open up to a world with each other. Even as you progress; there will be challenges. For me being up front and Love as well is something that isn't easy, yes there is pain but then we find the EGO has to be tamed in the relationship of US. We find that despite the discovery the perfect person or partner is flawed and so are you. The meaningful part is being honest to address it and see where the journey leads no matter the outcomes thought initially to remedy may be self singular solutions but then you grow into each other and see the I and you are now We. It is a process no matter if a documents says you are together or not. The paper doesn't matter nor the ceremony or the ring. It's the effort to go through this into ONENESS with each other and embracing all that is beautiful and all that is not from each other. Breathing and heart beating as a unit. Sure there are rollercoasters but in the end after awhile you age and you forget about the disagreements and celebrate the time you have left together. No one can tell you how to love each other, how to be happy but you determine how you value yourself and your partner to do the work no matter how difficult. We are creatures of habits and sometimes what worked for you is not a we solution to be in harmony and love. Namaste. READ THE BOOK BY DAVID BROOKS - THE SECOND MOUNTAIN - THE QUEST FOR A MORAL LIFE.


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